Narcy, Shadia Mansour’s “Hamdulillah” featured in Furious 7

The seventh installment of the Fast & Furious franchise graces viewers’ ears with an eclectic and energizing soundtrack featuring the likes of Mos Def, David Guetta, Skylar Grey — and the combined efforts of The Narcicyst and Shadia Mansour.

A large part of the film takes place in Abu Dhabi, capital city of the United Arab Emirates where Yassin Alsalman, known by most as “Narcy”, has deep family roots. His family moved from Iraq to the UAE before eventually moving to Canada where he began recording and producing music.

The Narcicyst’s 2009 single “Hamdulillah” can be heard a little beyond the halfway point of the film, when featured artist Shadia Mansour’s melodious chorus commands the audience’s attention as actor Vin Diesel and his team of bad-boy/bad-girl street racers head into a supercar garage in the UAE.

Both Narcy and Shadia Mansour, a Palestinian-British rapper widely considered “the first lady of Arabic hip hop”, tackle very personal and often political issues in their music. “Hamdulillah” itself touches on piety and humility, and it also pays homage to the struggles of their home countries of Iraq and Palestine.

On the popular lyrics website, Narcy himself commented on the value of this track, calling it “one of the most powerful and meaningful one’s [sic] in my life and my recording career. The moment this beat was made, changed my life.”

Shadia Mansour earned worldwide acclaim after dropping her 2011 single “Al Kufiyyeh ‘Arabeyyeh” (The Kufiyyeh is Arab), featuring M-1 of storied hip hop duo Dead Prez.

Despite its use in the film, “Hamdulillah” is not included in the official Furious 7 soundtrack released to the public.

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