Photo of the Week: An ugly separation

Photo credit: Roger LeMoyne
Date taken: December 16, 2003
Location: Abu Dis, West Bank, Palestine

A Palestinian woman looks up at a camera erected atop Israel’s separation wall as it cuts through the Palestinian town of Abu Dis just outside of Jerusalem.

Everything about the wall is ugly and deliberate. The grey conrete slabs are immovable and meant to confine. The razor wire is meant to shred whatever and whoever attempts to climb. Patrolling soldiers hunt for anything that slips through the cracks. Turrets, not seen in this photograph, give a birdseye view of how effective the wall is at separating families and communities and annexing land.

The 13-year-old wall has earned widespread condemnation for fulfilling apartheid objectives. The International Court of Justice, for example, issued a 2004 ruling, which Israel ignored entirely, finding the wall to violate international law. Still it stands, ugly and all, but so it will soon fall.

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