Photo of the Week: Milad will miss his 36th birthday

Photo credit: Jean-Claude Coutausse
Date taken: May 1989
Location: Bethlehem, West Bank, Palestine

Family, friends, and locals gather at a funeral for 10-year-old Milad who was killed by Israeli soldiers, as one young man salutes the Palestinian flag.

Milad was one of 83 Palestinian minors under age 17 to be killed by Israeli soldiers and settlers in 1989, according to B’Tselem’s most updated records. He was killed on the 5th of May, close enough to the middle of the year. You can be certain that on May 4, the thought of Milad being gunned down and added to a box of statistics never to be taken seriously by international human rights agencies never once crossed his parents’ minds. But then May 5 happened and a family struggled with words to fill a seemingly infinite void that each and every person who once knew Milad would have to somehow live with.

Milad is the Arabic word for birth. Today he would be 36 years old.

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