Photo of the Week: A familiar scene of destruction in a Gaza home

Photo credit: Kent Klich
Date taken: March 3, 2009
Location: Tuffah, Gaza City, Gaza Strip, Palestine

A home in Gaza City shows signs of damage after a shell launched from an Israeli tank hit the building, killing the owner and injuring two others during Israel’s first major offensive against Gaza in 2008-09.

There is an air of familiarity in this scene that has everything to do with Israel’s most recent invasion of the Gaza Strip. Things haven’t changed, it appears, and residential homes that have absolutely no link to any of the hostilities are still actively targeted by Israel.

This photograph received critical acclaim and was awarded 1st prize in the General News Singles category in the 2010 World Press Photo contest. This is yet another example of the world’s awareness of Israel’s brutality in Gaza which, to this day, goes unpunished and even largely uninvestigated despite all of the testimonies and photographic evidence.

For similar photographs from Israel’s latest invasion of the Gaza Strip, visit out our Photo Set titled “Gaza’s rectangular views“.

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