List of Middle East governments critical of Israeli human rights abuses in Gaza

What did you expect?

Since the beginning of Israel’s latest military offensive against the Gaza Strip on July 8, at least 1,962 Palestinians have been killed, including 459 children. Sixty-seven Israelis were killed, of which 63 were soldiers.

Nearly 17,000 homes in the Gaza Strip have been demolished and entire neighborhoods have been flattened to the ground. At one point, nearly 500,000 Palestinians had been internally displaced, but according to the United Nations, that number has declined to 335,000 as hundreds of families returned to their homes during the first ceasefire. Nearly 100,000 Palestinians are homeless and 335,000 Palestinians remain in public shelters, in UNRWA schools, or with host families.

Most of the population is dealing with severe water shortages, and electricity is only available to meet 30% of the estimated demand. The severe humanitarian crisis has exacerbated already worsening conditions in the Gaza Strip, leaving most families even more food-insecure and destroying sewage collection and water treatment facilities.

During the invasion, Israel regularly targeted buildings used to shelter Palestinians that had fled the bombing in their neighborhoods. At least six UNRWA schools being used as shelters were hit by Israel. Most if not all of Gaza’s hospitals sustained damage and multiple accounts confirm the targeting of ambulances and medical relief workers, including during the two-day shelling of the Shuja’iyya neighborhood in Gaza City that left dozens dead and dozens more hidden underneath the rubble.

Israel has also launched air strikes on family homes despite having no evidence that the structures or their occupants posed any threat to Israel. Israeli policy dictates that homes owned by families that have a traceable connection to suspected Palestinian fighters, by blood or by law, are legitimate targets, contrary to international humanitarian lan.

Additionally, Palestinian journalists, aid workers, and even civilians combing through the wreckage to locate the bodies of friends and family members have been targeted by Israel, either by indiscriminate tank shellings and air strikes or by snipers hidden inside homes taken over by Israeli soldiers as temporary command bases.

Human rights organizations around the world have criticized Israel for its excessive and inhumane use of force in the Gaza Strip and for its blatant disregard for civilian life. Bolivian President Evo Morales declared Israel a terrorist state and renounced a visa exemption agreement with Israel to protest its assault on Gaza.

On the other hand, Middle East governments have remained silent. Egypt, for example, has continued to work closely with Israel to keep Gaza’s Rafah border crossing closed. Injured Palestinians seeking medical aid elsewhere were denied the ability to leave and international delegations of physicians were repeatedly denied entry.


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  1. joelsk44039

    This “article” is mostly propaganda. The 1962 “dead” figure is supplied by Hamas and double counts many deaths. The Hamas “government” has murdered tunnel diggers and seen over 150 children die in tunnel construction, but no reference is seen in this piece. No reference is made to the thousands of missiles indiscriminately shot into Israel by Hamas. No reference to the real number of Hamas combatants killed, the cynical use of human shields by Hamas, the firing of rockets from mosques, schools, hospitals and residences. No reference to the hundreds of millions of dollars of construction supplies and materials used to construct the tunnels that were earmarked for civilian infrastructure, homes, schools and other “civilian” uses.

    This “article” is so slanted that it wreaks of being a terrorist mouthpiece.

    1. ontogram

      Absolute nonsense. Cite your sources. The human shield thing is a libel invented and pressed by the Zionists. There is no truth to it at all. It is fundamentally a RACIST libel because it is making the US vs. THEM distinction that Netanyahu keeps ragging about, a distinction that is the basis for RACISM. Even if Hamas were what you say, the Israelis are so much worse by far with their F-16’s, tanks, etc. BTW, IDF headquarters and offices etc. are all right in the middle of civilian densities! So, it looks like Israel is “using human shields” but they haven’t much to “shield” against.

      But provide credible sources. In the absence of any, you are simply lying.

      1. ontogram

        The terrorist is Israel. Terrorizing a native population, neighboring states, even dissent in Israel. A big fat terrorist interested only in killing Palestinians and stealing their land.

      2. ontogram

        And figures are not provided by Hamas but by international agencies on the ground. Where did you get any other impression? Did your handlers tell you otherwise?

      3. joelsk44039

        And you think that Hamas is a “reliable source” of any information? Did you know that over 160 children died working in the “tunnels?” It’s all over the internet and undeniable. About 50% of those killed in Gaza have been Hamas fighters and 25% died as a direct result of misfired rockets. These assholes kill their own people but you ignore the evidence. Propaganda, all the way.

  2. diogenesthegreat

    This touches on something important that I don’t think is given enough attention by critics of Israel. Even the namesake of this blog fails to realize its importance. Now I am sure that many readers of this blog will disagree, but it cannot be honestly said that the 1948 Israeli declaration of Independence institutionalized the subjugation of the Palestinian people. It is hard to say that there was even a “Palestinian” people that existed in 1948 in the first place (that is not to say they don’t exist now). I am aware this is a point of propaganda trumpeted by Zionists but there is still truth to it. Even an anti-Zionist like Shlomo Green concedes this point. The Jews of Mandatory Palestine were just as “Palestinian” as their Arab counterparts, if not more so.

    Objectively speaking, there were two fates for the Arab residents of Palestine. They became refugees in Arab lands, or they became Israeli citizens. For nearly 20 years these refugees lived under Arab administrative control. Now you can rightly blame Israelis for driving out these populations (call it “ethnic cleansing” if you like) during the 1947-48 war (a war they did not start), but you cannot blame Israelis for the institutionalized subjugation that these Arab countries imposed.

    I ask you this question; what do you care more about, criticizing Israel or improving the condition of the Palestinian people? There is a good deal of overlap between the two but even if Israel ceased to exist tomorrow morning the Palestinian problem will not be solved, it would just enter a new stage. There is a need for more introspection from Palestinian activists if the cause of Palestinian nationalism is going to lead to anything production.

    1. ontogram

      They did in fact “start” the war with the intention of driving out unwanted ethnic groups. I would call that “ethnic cleansing”. It doesn’t matter whether there was a Palestinian identity or not. In fact, there was, but it doesn’t matter. Some people lived there for centuries and these people, whoever they are, or were, were driven out or killed.

      I love it when some propagandist begins to tell everyone what is “good” for Palestinians while these people are being butchered yet some more. It is ridiculous. The purpose in criticizing Israel is to make the issue one of basic justice. Palestinians (or whoever they are) want justice and reparations for the crimes committed by another people. Jews are in the forefront of demanding reparations for the crimes of the Holocaust period, why shouldn’t they (the Jewish people) be held liable for the crimes they perpetrated and continue to perpetrate against others, like the slo mo genocide always under way over decades. The Palestinians (or whoever they are) did not choose this fight with the Jewish people: The Jewish people elected this fight when they landed on the beaches with guns in hand to remove unwanted ethnic groups in order to build a Jewish state on property lived on and owned by other people entirely. After two thousand years (!), these people have the nerve to claim this land as their inheritance. Where the hell were they for 20 centuries, anyway? A few months of absenteeism and a Palestinian (or whomever) lost their property in “Israel” — imagine the size of absenteeism of the Jewish people of 2000 years. I’d say they abandoned the property.

      It is just a stinking crime against others and this crime, this crime of imprisonment, torture, bulldozing, blockade, control and murder continues, even increases, today. Sure, Jews can have a Jewish state if they want, but not at the expense of others. Take everything they say about Palestinians and turn it around and you get a clear picture of the Jewish people and what they have done. They are the terrorists, the killers, the ones who don’t care about anything but their interests. They are the liars and the cheats. They, not Pals (or whomever) intend to kill all Pals or at least minimize their presence in the region completely and every Zionist knows it. This is clear as day. Turn it around and you get a good view of Zionist thinking and its crimes. This reversing works so well because much of the lies of the Zionists originate in narcissism, in malignant narcissism, endemic to the Jewish people and therefore Israelis (they are Jews!) and they are projected onto others. The Jews are the terrorists and racists, not the Pals (or whomever.)

      1. diogenesthegreat

        There is not much in this post worth responding to. When you say things like “malignant narcissism” is “endemic to the Jewish people” and “the Jews are the terrorists and the racists” you are disservicing not only your own mind, but much more importantly, you are disservicing the cause you claim to care so much about.

        To have such a bipolar view on this conflict (or any conflict for that matter) and such apparent revulsion to views that you happen to disagree with is infantile. As I said in my original post, I expect people to disagree with me. I know the audience of this website and I am supportive of the work that they do. I am more than willing to have a constructive dialog. But I’m not going to continue a conversation with someone who hurls crude insults at an entire people so cavalierly.

        **Also I’d like to point out an error in my original post – I referred to a “Shlomo Green”, I don’t know why, such a person doesn’t exist. I meant to say Shlomo Sand**

      2. ontogram

        Oh, aren’t you so “reasonable”, so measured and self-contained even while you suggest you know what Palestinians need. The naked truth is that Zionism is the Palestinians’ problem, their exclusion from their homes, their oppression by a military arm of an ersatz state. Zionism is first and last the cause of every problem in the ME.

        As for “bipolar”, let’s be clear: The Zionists think nothing of libeling Palestinians as “terrorists”. Why on earth would I hesitate to libel the Jewish people (these are the people responsible for “Israel”) as “terrorists?” The Zionists make the distinction of US and THEM, not the Palestinians. They are the racists as well with their hankering after a Jewish state …the pretense that such a state developed naturally into a national entity in a particularly location when, in fact, such preconditions for nationalism did not exist. Israel is ersatz because it is not the expression of a people evolving in a region with a common tongue into modernity. These Jews developed all over the globe and spoke many different language and evolved different traditions and mores. All of this is glossed over in the name of the ideology that , what is it, “ethnicity” or “religion” tied these people together, something that is so evidently not true even in modern Israel. False. False. False. The identifying attribute of Zionism. No ethnicity, barely religion, no nationality, nothing ties the Ashkenazi to the other groups. It is just pure nonsense for which only the Palestinians (or whomever) have had to pay up, get off the land, turn over their rights, property, even their bank accounts to the Zionist supremacist.

        If anything, I’d say the Jewish people have asked for it. ! They have asked for it by supporting this ludicrous enterprise of theft and murder aimed at creating an idol, a golden calf, the Zionist state for Jews to worship. They have asked for it by being deaf and blind to the lies and the crimes of the Zionist state, by believing that this was a justified good project, removing people from their land, bulldozing their homes etc. It is not just “Israelis” doing this, it is the Jewish people as a whole in the same sense that we can say “the Japanese invaded Manchuria in such and such year” It was all the Japanese people but it was an expression of the will of the Japanese people, right or wrong. Likewise, Israel is the patchwork of the world’s Jews who must answer for it.

        Zionists are good at libeling others, whole peoples, everyone in fact who doesn’t countenance their aggression is, we know, an “anati-semite.” But when it blows back on them, oh how “unreasonable” such allegations, how “bipolar” the other is, etc. It is time for comeuppance and I see it forming in response to every ridiculous report of the mass media shielding Israel, the real baby killer by far, every stupid statement of concern from Obama about defenseless people in Iraq but not in Gaza. This is taking shape now in Europe among people worn out by Zionist lies and subterfuge, even in Israel where these people are so detached from reality that they insist they are the victims when 450 children burn up in Gaza. The French and Germans have had it with “holocaust” laws, people actually doing prison time for questioning an historical event that has never actually been studied in any thorough manner. We have “had it” with the false Zionists of France who spout the racist Zionist line but don’t dare move to that racist society, the hypocrites. Same in the US, but slower.

        As for “malignant narcissism” — what do you call a national syndrome of being “special”, being “chosen”. This is malignant stuff, but we can barely question this pathological thinking. Bullshit! Israel will fail anyway. There simply aren’t enough Jews in Israel for success, the same reason the Jews succumbed in the ancient world, surrounded by empires consisting of many peoples, none of them “chosen.” That same tragic flaw will do in Israel.

        In the meantime, we have Palestinian babies offered up as blood sacrifices to the idol of the Zionist state. That blood will not wash off. .

  3. sedwith

    to diogenis….etc
    On the matter of “It is hard to say that there was even a “Palestinian” people that existed in 1948 in the first place”……so many in the diaspora would disagree so if you’re interested check
    and true, some Jewish people were Palestinian, (and Egyptian and Syrian and Iraqi and Ukrainian etc etc.
    On numbers of Jews as Palestinians, before the Jewish state of Israel was declared in 1948…. “The number of Jews in Palestine had increased from 13,900 in 1872 to 26,000 in 1880, when the region also had about 400,000 Muslims and 43,000 Christians ………………..During the Great War the number of Jews in Palestine fell from 85,000 to 55,000. In 1919 Jews were still less than ten percent of the population of Palestine, and they owned only two percent of the land……………………………… Between 1932 and 1935 the Jewish population in Palestine increased from 185,000 to 370,000. Yet despite massive Jewish immigration the number of Muslims in Palestine was increasing even faster to 960,000 by 1935. …………….On November 25 the Palestine Committee approved an amended partition plan by a vote of 25-13. The Arab state would have 725,000 Arabs and 10,000 Jews in 4,500 square miles, and the Jewish state would have 498,000 Jews and 407,000 Arabs in 5,500 square miles of which more than half was the Negev Desert. The Permanent Trusteeship around Jerusalem would have 105,000 Arabs and 100,000 Jews. The Jewish state was to pay the Arab state an annual subsidy of £4 million.”

    1. diogenesthegreat

      I am not saying that the people we now call Palestinian didn’t physically exist and the nakba didn’t happen, what I am saying is that they didn’t identify as “Palestinians” nor were they seen as such by others. Modern Palestine didn’t exist on a map until 1920 when the British drew it (and then redrew it in 1922). It was not a national identity, it was simply an administrative title. Simply by living in Mandatory Palestine made one a “Palestinian” – Jew or Gentile, no matter how long they lived there for. A great symbol for how differently the word was viewed is the fact that the Jerusalem Post was then called the “Palestine Post.”

      I am not trying to delegitimatize the authenticity of Palestinian nationalism, I am just saying that it is a very new national movement that is still taking shape even today.

      1. sedwith

        Lack of broad recognition of the existence of a ‘people’ as you know does not mean the themselves don’t identify as a discrete group for a range of purposes. Palestinians did so before the British drew lines. As you know nationhood is very much a recent historical and political construct, often lumping diverse groups of people (ethnically, culturally, linguistically) into nation states generally for colonial purposes (over a whisky and a cigar in the case of many British drawn lines on maps). Ben Gurian recognised this particularly well when he introduced Hebrew (a language rarely spoken and primarily used for scripts) as the lingua franca of Israel.

        If the area decided by the Brits was not to describe ‘a national identity’ but ‘was simply an administrative title’ as you suggest you would also know this is not an isolated case. Most current country geographical boundaries have been drawn (and redrawn) around the globe in this way, replacing more naturally driven boundaries based on geographical formations or ethnic and linguistic divisions. It should not be used to absorb peoples nor to make them go away as in the current situation for Palestinians.

        I would agree that the national identity of Palestinians is ‘still taking shape today’ especially as they do not have a recognised Nation state. It is likely the fervour is fueled by a modern history of invasion and dispossession combined with the failure to have any recognition if you are not deemed a Nation in the modern political arena. Had dispossession not occurred some Jewish ‘cousins’ whose geographical heritage is ‘Palestinian’ would still identify as Jewish Palestinians (as they allow Palestinians to be called Arab Israelis). However history has afforded them the national Identity of ‘Israeli’ – Passports and citizenship included. Identity as a Palestinian however does not come with a passport, it may come with a Gaza travel document (even if you are not from Gaza) allowing minimal movement. Or identity with no travel document at all just a UNRWA number.

        Palestinian identity goes back well before the British maps and an area was geographically recognised well before 1920 as an identifiable section of the Sham or Syria with discrete language and cultural identifiers, (similar if not with the same boundaries as Israel, Gaza and the Occupied Palestinian Territories as exists now). The narrative that puts effort into minimalising the voracity of a claim to this identity and to any significant Palestinian heritage pre Britz, also diminishes claim to territory. The Israeli effort in this regard has outspun any Palestinian academic arguments at territorial defence.

        Thank-you for responding more thoughtfully in this posting, I would probably lose a war- I don’t have the backing of the US, their guns or their money….or the energy.

    1. diogenesthegreat

      Yes I’m sure life for the Palestinians will be a utopian dreamworld once the Jews leave, just like all the other flourishing democracies in the Arab world.

      Fatah is nothing more than a gang of oligarchs, as is Hamas. Summary executions in the Gaza Strip are routinely carried out by Hamas against those who express dissent. There is no such thing as a free press in any of the territories controlled by PNA. Is that Israel’s fault too? Like it or not, these are not the seeds for a functional democratic state. To make matters worse for the Palestinians, not only is there the enemy within, but they are surrounded by Arab states that are actively hostile to the very idea of Palestinian nationalism, in some cases more so than most Israelis. Egypt and Ba’athist Syria doesn’t want there to be Palestinian state, that contradicts the idea of Pan-Arabism. ISIL certainly doesn’t want a Palestinian state, that gets in the way of the caliphate that they’re trying to build. For 20 years the west bank and the gaza strip were occupied, not by Israel, but by Jordan and Egypt. Why was no Palestinian state created then? It is hard to say that there was even such a thing as a Palestinian national movement during this period. And then in 1970 the Hashemites violently expelled the PLO from Jordan in what is now known as Black September.

      You my friend, appear to be rabidly antisemitic. You are a caricature of every negative stereotype that could be attributed to an anti-Zionist (I wouldn’t dare call you pro-palestinian because you obviously don’t seem to give a damn whatsoever about the plight of the Palestinian people).

      The fact of the matter is that even if Israel were out of the picture the struggle for an independent Palestinian state will continue. And if I had to guess, things would probably get worse, because the world never seems to care when its “just” arabs killing other arabs. Were Israel to disappear, people like you would declare “mission accomplished” and move on. The plight of the Palestinians would quickly descend into darkness – out of sight and out of mind.

      1. ontogram

        “The plight of the Palestinian people” The oppressive Arab regimes are creatures of US/Zionist policy or reactions to that policy. Palestinians have never had their self-determination respected, so you don’t know what would be. Certainly, the US would prefer to keep them barefoot, like the Egyptians and would try to do this. But, at least they would have a chance.

        Why don’t you stop fretting over the Palestinians who have persisted through some of the worst oppression and misery the modern world could concoct for a very long time. Worry instead about how to end the Zionist regime and open up Israel to democracy and multiculturalism. If they don’t like it, they can move to Florida or New Jersey. ONe way or another, that ethnocracy, the supremacist Jews only state cannot abide in the modern world. It was a dumb idea to begin with. That said, worry about where these people are going to go because they, like the French in Algeria and even the whites in S. Africa will want to flee rather than live with “minorities” in the majority. Half of the Israelis are prepared to leave and have dual citizenship. The poor, however, and there are many, have fewer options.

        Fret about this.

  4. ontogram

    I realize that what you are saying is a variant on “the Pals made us do it.” In your form, the best interests of the Pals are tied up with the Zionist state, it’s oppression. They are dependent on Israel, however bitter that pill. This is nonsense. Before Zionism destroyed emerging Palestinian culture, they had a high and emerging national culture, the kind of thing intended by the phrase “levantine.” Zionism destroyed all that and sent that culture back to mud huts and refugee camps to stew for 60 plus years, three generations, while Zionists got wealthy on Pal land, exploiting free housing and land. The culture that was destroyed was peaceful, industrious, decent and it was replaced with the blank hedonism of “Israel.” I’m thinking that good culture could be rebuilt where it left off. Pals need Israel like they need bubonic plague.

    1. diogenesthegreat

      “the Pals made us do it”

      Do what exactly? Who is “us”? Not once in this thread have I defended anything Israel has done. You are projecting comrade. You’re the one making that argument – why does Hamas execute dissidents? The Jews make them do it. Why is Fatah headed by corrupt oligarchs, the answer is simple! The Jews make them do it. The Jews are the ones responsible for the Sunni-Shiite civil war. Its all a Jewish plot! The holocaust? Merely a Jewish ploy for sympathy. The European pograms? Well maybe if the Jews weren’t using the blood of gentile youths to make matzos they wouldn’t have happened. Every single instance of Jewish persecution can be blamed on the Jews – their mere presence puts their gentile neighbors into a fit of madness.

      Oh how this misguided world of ours foolishly rejected Hitler, when in fact he was simply a visionary born too soon, before we could properly appreciate his invaluable insight that the Jewish problem is the world’s problem – no more Jews, no more problems. Peace on earth is within our grasp as long as we are willing to do what is needed.

      Am I wrong brother?

      1. ontogram

        I get off on a rant. I apologize. I heard this retired Israeli security guy (Shabak?) explain to a J Street audience how the Pals are responsible for Israel’s annexation of the WB. It was the height of pathology — the perpetrator blaming the victim. The ME may have a lot of problems but most are traced to US policies and Israel’s efforts to divide and conquer. Iraq was once a formidable enemy of Israel, now it is a ruin. Egypt as well. Sectarianism in the region is traceable to Zionist and US policies. The holocaust is used to garner sympathy to an extent that is laughable and ridiculous. As for Jewish persecution, I’ve never seen any attempt by Jews to question their own contribution to persecution, what on earth have these people done to stimulate such hatred? I don’t know, but apparently the Jews don’t want to know as they never try to track it down. It is just irrational, they say. But a distaste for one or another group could be reasonable if not rational. It depends. Furthermore, there is no effort among Jews to understand and critique their own anti-gentilism, the Jewish abhorrence of other peoples. Israel provides an unfettered look at Jewish bigotry in action: Jews kill, imprison, torture, demolish, abuse and humiliate gentiles on a daily basis in the ME. Israeli Jewish culture and politics have drawn a bead on gentiles and gentiles the world over don’t seem to understand where they stand in the Jewish order of things.

        Pick on Hitler, huh? Talk about easy targets! As awful as the holocaust was (at least what we know of it, which is not much), it was a few years of oppression and death. The devastation of the Palestinians (or whomever) has proceeded over decades impacting several generations and with no sign of abating. This horror, perpetrated by the Jewish people in general, ranks right up there with the great crimes against humanity including the holocaust, 250 years of American slavery, 15 million murdered Chinese by Japanese, 20 million Soviets lost in WW II, etc. There is nothing so sacrosanct about the holocaust yet it is the occasion for legislation and people being jailed for suggesting the official story is not true. Many, if not most official stories are not true, but this is one that can land a decent gentile in jail. Small wonder European masses are increasingly focused on the Jewish influence in their political lives. And the Jewish establishment is attempting to trample First Amendment rights in the US, as well. This effort is worth looking into as it feeds the racist meme of Jews controlling everything: Here they are saying they can’t bear free speech any longer even though almost nobody dies by virtue of being Jewish on this planet today. Plenty of people die by virtue of not being Jews, however.

        Again you talk about executing dissidents without any citation. I don’t believe it. It is just a lie you believe.

  5. diogenesthegreat

    Read the excellent reporting of Kahled Abu Toameh. He has done a fantastic job covering the non-existence of free speech under the PNA and Hamas in the Gaza strip.

    And read the work of Mosab Hassan Yosef to get an idea of the barbarity of Hamas in particular.

    It should not be that hard to believe that an organization as brutal and barbaric as Hamas is guilty of performing summary executions. A quick google search on the topic will reveal that fact.

    But of course they blame Israel for this as well, as I’m sure you will too even if you were to concede that these things take place.

    Israel is not innocent in all of this but Arabs are not free of sin. They are just as human, just as fallible, as their Jewish counterparts. They both bleed red, it shouldn’t be controversial to suggest that both the Palestinians and especially the neighboring Arabs that have the nerve to call these people their brothers should be held accountable for the crimes they themselves have committed -against Jews and Arabs alike.

    Introspection is necessary on both sides if there is ever going to be peace. But you don’t seem to want peace, what you want is an extermination – for the Jews to get their “comeuppance”. You smile, fantasizing about the fate of the Jews living as a minority in a Palestinian state that stretches from the Jordan to the sea. We both know how that story would end, let’s not hide behind euphemisms.

    1. ontogram

      Of course, people are people and generally pretty bad. STill — Israel was foisted on that part of the world in order to provide a “safe” haven. The irony is too thick. Still, these Pals (whomever) were pushed out etc. I have no love for Hamas, but they have standing to resist Israel as the aggressor. That’s sufficient.

  6. sedwith

    Not supporter of Hamas just of recognising gross inconsistencies of argument when your country messes in other peoples business, especially through extensive arms sales, (F35’s for example) ‘security’ sales and business (G4S) and has dual US/ Israeli citizens operating with IDF and settling on OCCUPIED Palestinian land.
    Just on Kahled Abu Toameh and his “fantastic job covering the non-existence of free speech…” he is a ‘distinguished Senior Fellow’ with the Gatestone Institute a neocon policy think-tank and so called ‘charity’ of which the Koch brothers are significant funders. The Guardian reported AEI “received more than $1.6m from ExxonMobil…. No wonder they were paying scientists to undermine the science supporting global warming…… John R. Bolton is a Senior Fellow alongside other notable neo-cons – Richard Perle, Lynne Cheney and Newt Gingritch – Remember him? Bolton was Undersecretary of State for Arms Control and International Security 2001-2005. He served in the administrations of Reagan and Bush II and was US Permanent Rep to the UN 2005-2006. Some of his accomplishments?
    * Rescission of the UN’s 1975 “Zionism is racism” resolution
    * U.S. renunciation of the International Criminal Court
    * Senior Fellow with the American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research

    and best of all a current Fox News contributor………’free speech’ agenda eh? I think much of the rest of the world is wakening to this BS from the US

    1. diogenesthegreat

      I knew this was bound to come up by citing Khaled Abu Toameh – do you have any specific criticisms directly tied to Mr. Toameh’s work or are you content with engaging in character assassination? Of all the topics that one could debate, do you *really* want to play the game of guilt by association with regard to this region of the world?

      Can you show me anyone who has convincingly and systemically discredited the work of Toameh? Can you point me to any reporter that has reached the opposite conclusion, and instead argues that there is a large degree of free press in Palestinian administered territories?

      You can’t, when anti-Zionist ideologies are confronted with this uncomfortable reality they respond either by deflection (as you have chosen to do) or simply with silence. It should not be controversial to point out these things.

      1. sedwith

        At least with silence people don’t get confused ……as Mark Twain apparently said “Never argue with a fool, onlookers may not be able to tell the difference”.

  7. diogenesthegreat

    Ha! What a vapid reply. “It is better to keep silent and be thought a fool than to speak and remove all doubt” would be a more relevant quote to reference in this case.

    I ask again, can you show me anyone who has convincingly and systematically discredited the work of Toameh?

    The only thing that is “foolish” here is to immaturely and haphazardly dismiss facts that you appear to be uncomfortable acknowledging.

    Susan Sontang famously asked the question, “can it be that our enemies were right?” This is a question that doesn’t get asked nearly enough. Don’t delude yourself into thinking that your ideological allies are always in the right and that your adversaries are always wrong. Break out of the tribal mentality and think for yourself, instead of settling for how you are expected to think.

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