List of op-eds calling for the elimination of Gaza

This list includes only those editorials published since Israel commenced its 2014 operation against the Gaza Strip on July 8. We have been made aware of many others that were published before then and we are working on publishing another list with those editorials and articles included.

1. “My Outline for a Solution in Gaza”
Author: Moshe Feiglin, Member of Knesset
Publisher: Arutz Sheva
Summary: “Quiet” Gaza permanently by attacking whoever and wherever without any consideration.
Link to article

2. “When Genocide is Permissible”
Author: Yochanan Gordon
Publisher: The Times of Israel, The Five Towns Jewish Times
Summary: If genocide is the only action that will quiet Gaza once and for all, so be it.
Link to The Times of Israel article (taken down)
Link to The Five Towns Jewish Times article (taken down)
Link to reprint

3. “Into the fray: Why Gaza must go”
Author: Martin Sherman
Publisher: The Jerusalem Post
Summary: Depopulate the Gaza Strip, relocate only the ‘good Arabs’, and annex the territory.
Link to article

4. “1 Samuel 15:18”
Author: Irwin E. Blank
Publisher: The Times of Israel
Summary: There is a religious obligation to make “the war more horrific for the people of Gaza”, to destroy Gaza once and for all, so that Israel will never feel threatened ever again. After receiving criticism, the author published a clarification for giving the impression that he advocates genocide.
Link to article

5. “Hamas’s Civilian Death Strategy”
Author: Thane Rosenbaum
Publisher: The Wall Street Journal
Summary: The rules of war do not apply to Israel’s invasion because there are no civilians in Gaza, and all of them are legitimate if not necessary targets.
Link to article

6. “In Gaza, there is no such thing as ‘innocent civilians'”
Author: Giora Eiland
Publisher: Ynet News
Summary: Israel’s generosity in supplying food, fuel, and electricty to the enemy is absurd: Gaza must be dealt with swiftly and totally.
Link to article

7. Untitled
Author: Ayelet Shaked, Member of Knesset
Publisher: (Self-published on Facebook)
Summary: The Palestinian people as a whole are the enemy; they are snakes who deserve to die, every single one of them.
Link to reprint

If you are aware of any other editorials calling for the destruction of Gaza or supporting the elimination or mass transfer of its population, please comment below with links.


There are 14 comments

  1. bangpound

    find thane rosenbaum’s editorial from a week or two ago. it was in the Wall Street journal. he is rumored to be the replacement for Abe Foxman at the ADL.

  2. J Leland Kupferberg

    Is the agenda of this site to mislead? This page is an excellent example of what I’d call “cherry-picking.” If you’re looking for “evidence” of Israeli criminal intent, then look no further: this site has cherry-picked the articles that will solidify every one of your pre-ordained preconceptions about Israeli bloodthirst.

    Except that the truth is available for all to see…if they care to look. As most sane people know, you don’t get stadiums filled with Israelis screaming for Arab blood, nor do Israeli Arabs cower in the streets, in fear of racist Israeli mobs. In Israel today, it is the visible Jew who fears wandering in to an Arab village, not the other way around.

    And hey, let’s face it – 1,800 dead on the other side (with a significant proportion being combatants), in the context of a sustained rocket barrage on your cities, makes for a comparatively paltry “genocidal” response. But I suppose if you’re on the left, and you have a less than honorable agenda, you can always manufacture a “genocide” in Gaza by simply repeating the word “genocide”, while taking great care to lie about the general intent of most Israelis.

    1. Sami Kishawi

      Funny you mention stadiums filled with Israelis screaming for Arab blood. You should really look into an Israeli football club team called Beitar Jerusalem whose fans boo their team’s Palestinian or Muslim players, who are widely reported — along with Macabbi Tel Aviv — for their racist antics, and who have rioted against and physically beaten people of Palestinian descent. Here: read this.

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