Photo of the Day: A slate of names for Gaza’s many dead children

Note: Due to the sheer amount of evocative and telling photography coming out of Palestine, we have transitioned our weekly photograph features into daily photograph features and will continue uploading images on a daily basis until further notice.

Photo credit: Musa Al-Shaer
Date taken: July 28, 2014
Location: Aida Refugee Camp, West Bank, Palestine

A boy writes the names of Palestinian children killed by Israel in the Gaza Strip since the beginning of the coastal territory’s invasion, during a demonstration in the Aida Refugee Camp near Bethlehem.

So far, over 250 children have been confirmed killed. The latest strikes that added to the death toll included a strike on a group of children as they celebrated Eid Al-Fitr with their families in a park in the Shati Refugee Camp as well as a ground shelling of a United Nations school that was sheltering families who had fled air strikes on their homes.

World-renowned journalist Jon Snow made a dramatically heartbreaking and unscripted appeal for the children of Gaza on live television days after he visited the territory to document the extent of Israel’s invasion. International attention is focusing more and more on the civilian toll of Israel’s brutal invasion.

There are 4 comments

  1. Jesse Taylor

    This is truly horrible 😦 … I wish that people who are still supporting Israel would look at this, and ask themselves why they would respond with so much more anger if they saw the same thing with Israeli childrens’ names on it. (Answer: Anti-Arab racism makes them not care, or think that Palestinian children “deserve it”) … Anyways, thanks for sharing this powerful image.

    1. hanuna

      Are you insane Jesse Taylor? YOu are clearly uneducated in the facts.
      Hamas hides thier bombs and explosives in schools. IDF troops have to dismantle those explosives to have GAzan’s stop firing at citizens.
      Gazans DANCE in the street when Jewss are murdered.
      Jews NEVER dance at loss of life.
      If they loved thier children they would not HIDE bombs in their schools!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      I never imagined Humans can have such warped thinking!!

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