Photo of the Day: Escape to the beaches of Gaza

Note: Due to the sheer amount of evocative and telling photography coming out of Palestine, we have transitioned our weekly photograph features into daily photograph features and will continue uploading images on a daily basis until further notice.

Photo credit: Sharif Kouddous
Date taken: July 26, 2014
Location: Gaza City, Gaza Strip, Palestine

Palestinians take a trip to the beach in Gaza City during a 12-hour humanitarian ceasefire. The break came nearly three weeks into Israel’s latest offensive against the Gaza Strip.

Despite the endlessness of Gaza’s sea, it is a mere mirage. Israel deploys naval gunships to keep anything from coming in or going out. Fishermen are not allowed to travel further than 3 kilometers from the shore, severely limiting the source of their livelihood. Those very same coastal sands have seen blood. On July 16, an Israeli gunship shelled the beach where a group of young boys were chasing each other and playing soccer. A second shell hit the boys as they tried to flee from the site of the first blast. Four were killed. They were all related.


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