Infographic: Effects of Israeli military activity since June 12, 2014

Following a tense start to the month of June, during which Israel killed one Palestinian and arrested more than a dozen children, after which three Israeli settlers disappeared, Israel waged a series of assaults against the occupied Palestinian territories, including mass arrests in the West Bank, air strikes in densely populated areas of the Gaza Strip, and widespread looting and destruction of Palestinian-owned property.

For a high resolution version of the infographic, click here.

The bodies of the three settlers were later found near Al-Khalil in the West Bank. Rather than investigating the matter, presenting concrete evidence, and holding accountable those responsible for the slayings, Israel launched an indiscriminate offensive against the Palestinian people. According to sources as recent as July 6, at least 23 Palestinians have been killed. A total of 19 were killed by Israeli soldiers in both the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, and the remaining four were murdered by Jewish Israeli settlers in the West Bank. Many hundreds have been arrested and countless others have suffered injuries during clashes throughout the West Bank and demonstrations in Israel proper.

Incursions into the West Bank have also lead to thousands of home raids. According to evidence catalogued by Euro-Mid Observer for Human Rights, in the three weeks following the disappearance of the three settlers, Israeli soldiers stole roughly $370,000 USD (or 1,267,620 shekels) from Palestinian homes during raids. Illegal confiscation of Palestinian-owned property during that time, including computers and other valuables taken without warrant, led to an estimated $2.9 million USD in losses. Businesses, civil institutions such as schools and media centers, as well as clinics continue to be been targeted by Israeli military personnel, and men, women, and children continue to be arrested and, quite frequently, beaten without justification.

This infographic presents the facts as collected by Euro-Mid Observer and by independent means. Photo credit belongs to Kelly Lynn. More on Israeli theft and collective punishment in the West Bank can be found in Euro-Mid Observer’s July 2014 report (PDF): Confiscation of Palestinians’ property by Israeli Forces in the West Bank.


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