Watch: ‘Settlers in Gaza’ hidden camera prank will move you

Hidden camera pranks tend to be light and airy, but this clip from Gaza gets heavy very quickly.

In this special, Momen Shweikh and his co-presenter pose as Israeli settlers bullying an elderly man into forfeiting his land. It is set in the Gaza Strip, presumably in the north where the elderly Palestinian man tends to his land.

The elderly man is taken by surprise at first, wondering how the settlers even managed to cross into Gaza considering Israel’s tight siege on the territory. But he remains calm and poised throughout the entire interaction.

The settlers offer the man all kinds of things, from large amounts of money to citizenship in a foreign country. They try convincing the Palestinian man that they are doing him a favor by giving him an opportunity to live a better life. All he would have to do is forfeit ownership of the land.

The man adamantly refuses, saying that the land belonged to his forefathers and that future generations of Palestinians will continue to tend to the land.

The settlers become more aggressive and threaten that they can have the land bombed, destroyed, and taken away from him. Still, the elderly Palestinian refuses to cave in. “You may put us beneath the ground,” he says, “but we will still rise up.”

The settlers eventually reveal their true identities and, for a few moments, everyone laughs.

That is, until Momen grabs the elderly man’s hand and kisses it, and then kisses his forehead. It is the ultimate sign of respect. The two hug, and tears fall as blessings are exchanged.

“This right here is the entire point,” says Momen. “We will stay. We will stay.”

“We will stay.”


There are 6 comments

  1. Suzan Al Shawwa

    Its a shame its not translated into English. The elderly man’s words are amazing. We all live outside our country and forgot how to be good to one another with beautiful words. When he was told you will be killed, the elderly man replied: ” We die others come”. This is so true. This is our land and only ours not even for sharing.

  2. Ahmad

    Well done and very moving. I am so proud of the land owner. I wish I was there to give that older gentleman a hug and kiss.

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