Photo of the Week: Bloody tolls of the Six-Day War

Photo credit: Unknown
Date taken: June 1967
Location: Jerusalem, West Bank, Palestine

Blood leaks down a road from the body of a Palestinian civilian slain by Israeli soldiers as Israeli military forces captured and occupied Jerusalem during the Six-Day War.

Exactly 47 years ago, Israel launched a surprise attack on the Egyptian Air Force, setting off what would soon be called the Six-Day War. To gain international favor and to play the role of the victim, Israeli officials initially claimed that Israel had actually been attacked by Egypt and surrounding Arab countries, but this was quickly debunked.

Part of Israel’s strategy involved destroying entire Palestinian communities as punishment for resisting Israel’s capture of their land. In total, well over 250,000 Palestinians were forced to flee their homes in the West Bank and Gaza Strip as a result of Israel’s invasion. Most of these refugees fled to Jordan where they still reside, barred by Israel from returning to their towns and villages. Palestinians around the world identify this depopulation of Palestinian land as the Naksa, or the ‘setback’.

Incidentally, there appears to be a very limited amount of archived footage of the Six-Day War.


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  1. lifeofbree

    Feels strange to ‘like’ the photo but thank you for the share, it is of great important that you don’t cease to chronicle this reality even when it seemingly falls on deaf ears.

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