See: Divestment success hits front page of DePaul campus paper

Following a campus-wide referendum vote that saw 54% of voters call on DePaul University’s administration to withdraw funds from corporations profiting from Israel’s human rights abuses, Tuesday’s edition of The DePaulia boldly featured news of the divestment campaign’s success on the front page. Students voted 1,575 to 1,333 in favor of the referendum and, in the process, catalyzed important discussions concerning the occupation of Palestine on campuses all across the nation.

Congratulations to the DePaul Divest coalition and its supporters and allies — from Chicago’s inner city all the way to Palestine — for working diligently and effectively to make the university aware of its complicity in Israel’s abuse of Palestinian rights. The front page of this issue will be saved, archived, and cherished for generations to come. It is evidence of the trouble the community of conscience had to endure in its quest to secure long-overdue justice, and it will be plastered in the minds and memories of all those administrators who continue to stand in the way.

There’s a bit of foreshadowing here, too. Soon enough, every newspaper will have printed a front page similar to this one. DePaul’s administration should be honored its campus paper was one of the first.


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