Photo of the Week: The ridges and hills of Ein Yabroud

Photo credit: Mohammed Yassin
Date taken: May 18, 2014
Location: Ein Yabroud, West Bank, Palestine

The sun sets on the tall hills of the village of Ein Yabroud in the occupied West Bank. Israeli soldiers and settlers have been known to fire live ammunition at Palestinians climbing the hills.

The village of Ein Yabroud experiences its own set of unique challenges. Aside from the danger posed by soldiers and settlers, the residents of the village must also deal with wild boars roaming through the olive groves along the faces of the hills. In addition, Ein Yabroud’s mosques are not allowed to project the athan, or Muslim call to prayer, above a certain volume dictated by the Israeli military so as not to disturb any nearby settlers. If the athan is too loud, the Israeli military intervenes, normally with a ground raid, a series of arbitrary arrests, and a whole host of other intimidation tactics.

Still, life in Ein Yabroud, as it does in the rest of the occupied Palestinian territories, moves on.


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