Whoopsie daisy: Settler gets snagged doing something dumb

This comes straight out of Al-Khalil where Shadi Sidr, a Palestinian homeowner and volunteer for Israeli human rights group B’Tselem, filmed a settler scale the wall of his building only to get caught on barbed wire.

Earlier this year, on March 14, an unidentified settler from a nearby Jewish-only apartment complex demanded Sidr remove the two Palestinian flags waving from flagpoles on his roof.

Sidr and the breathless settler conversed for a bit. The settler demanded Sidr remove the flags because “this whole country is the Land of Israel,” but Sidr refused.

“What is Palestine?” asked the snagged settler.

Meanwhile, settlers from surrounding blocks gathered to witness the scene. They jeered Sidr. One flipped him the bird.

When soldiers arrived to rescue the settler, they too ordered Sidr to remove the flag. Again, Sidr refused.

Three soldiers entered Sidr’s home a short while later, climbed the stairs, and threatened to arrest Sidr and his family members if they didn’t comply with the settler’s initial order. (Watch the footage of this confrontation here.)

According to a transcript of the conversation, the soldiers announced that “the order that is on this house is that you are not allowed to put up the [Palestinian] flag.”

“If you don’t take it down, I will have to arrest you,” one soldier added before dialing his superiors.

The trespassing settler was not arrested nor, to anyone’s knowledge, has he been threatened with any kind of disciplinary action.

Less than a week later, Sidr discovered that the flags on his roof had been torn.

Al-Khalil, a major city in the occupied West Bank, is home to about a quarter million Palestinians. Almost 1,000 Jewish settlers have moved into illegal settlements blocs within and around the city and are notorious for assaulting Palestinians, vandalizing Palestinian property, and throwing trash on the heads of Palestinian passersby with impunity.


There are 2 comments

  1. Peter Lake

    It’d be laughable were it not an actual reality. This ‘settler’ is trespassing… CLIMBING on to a private building to vandalize a flag. The Israeli soldier comes up behind him and seems to be angry at the HOMEOWNER.
    And some claim that Israel is not an apartheid state. (OK that claim really IS laughable).

  2. ontogram

    Jewish Day School Lesson: “Learning to LIve with Others”

    A brave settler wants to take down the flag of a cowardly gentile. It is not the flag of the Jewish people. What is it doing here? But, the gentile has set a trap for the brave settler. Oh, no! The brave settler is caught in the trap. What will the brave settler do?

    Classroom discussion: Is it wrong to take someone’s property? Answer: A gentile cannot own anything if a Jew wants it. Is there a law against this? Answer: No. What would you do if a gentile waved a foreign flag at you? Answer: Arrest him and bulldoze his home.

    The trapped settler tells the gentile that everything belongs to the Jewish people. The wicked gentile lies and says that this is not true. What will happen to the brave settler?? More brave settlers plead with the cowardly gentile to let the brave settler go. See a brave Jew try to say this with his fingers! Good for you, brave settler! Now a brave Jewish solider comes to free the settler and take the gentile away. . See the brave soldier and his brave gun! Thank you, brave Jewish hero! Thank you brave gun.

    Classroom discussion: Is it true that everything belongs to the Jewish people? Why? The soldier is like a policeman helping Jews and making sure everyone follows the Jewish law. Is there any other law? Why not?

    The wicked gentile is taken away. He will become a “present absentee.” He will be around, but he will be gone. This is Jewish law. Jewish people will now live in this gentile’s home. This is called “justice.”

    Classroom discussion: How can the gentile be around and still be gone? Answer: Herzl said “If you will it, it will be so…” Do the gentiles have laws and policemen? Answer: No.

    Moral: It is very good to live with others if they are Jewish. It is not possible to live with gentiles.

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