I apologize, I am sorry

Guest contribution by Nadine Darwish

Dear USGA Senate at Loyola,

I am sorry.

I am sorry for bringing divestment to your table in the first place, let alone three times.

I am sorry for not remembering that advocating for human rights for Palestinians is controversial and makes people feel sad and uncomfortable.

I am sorry for having faith in you to override Pedro’s veto after you voted twice in favor of the resolution.

I am sorry that you missed an opportunity to stand on the right side of history and fulfill your duty as senators in making sure that our university contributes to the advancement of justice.

I am sorry that you sat there and looked in the faces of Palestinians who worked tirelessly on this resolution and essentially told them their existence is controversial and thus should be swept under the table.

I am sorry that all you grasped was “both sides are hurt” after listening to back-and-forth discussions for weeks upon weeks, that you did not realize how fundamentally wrong it is that people’s feelings were hurt by the targeting of corporations that sustain military occupation.

I am sorry that this resolution was too divisive for you, that you felt that this resolution was “tearing campus apart,” that advocating for human rights for Palestinians is divisive and tears people apart, and that this was a legitimate enough excuse for you to abstain or not vote in favor.

I am sorry that you had the gall — the audacity — to tell us to come back with a new resolution that did not specify human rights abuses on Palestinians.

I am sorry that Palestinians are the exceptions to everything, that their very existence is controversial, that this resolution was an exception, that a million rules were put in place that were never upheld in any other senate meeting.

I am sorry that you did not keep your vote, that you let yourselves be intimidated, that you let yourselves be pressured into changing your minds.

I am sorry that one day history will look back at you unfavorably for letting this university go down as the cowards who backtracked on one of the most important social justice issues of our time.

I am sorry that you think this is over, because we just got started.

An angry Palestinian

Nadine Darwish

Nadine Darwish is a student at Loyola University Chicago majoring in health systems management. She is a member of Loyola’s Students for Justice in Palestine and played an instrumental role in advocating for campus divestment.


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