Divestment passes at Loyola University Chicago

Last updated 9:13 PM CST, Mar. 25

Loyola University Chicago’s student senate passed a resolution Tuesday evening to divest from corporations profiting from Israel’s occupation.

The resolution, introduced by Loyola’s Students for Justice in Palestine, passed by a landslide vote, with 26 student senators voting in favor, none voting against, and two choosing to abstain.

However, following pressure from select students, the resolution was faced with a revote the following week, which it also passed. (Read the full account here.)

The resolution urges the university administration to withdraw investments from eight corporations complicit in Israel’s occupation of the Palestinian territories, including Caterpillar, SodaStream, Veolia, and Hewlett-Packard.

The divestment resolution itself faced no opposition, according to students and community members present at the hearing. The only major hurdle faced by student organizers was a proposed amendment to edit the formatting and visual layout of the resolution. The content was not changed.

This evening’s turn of events makes Loyola University Chicago the first Catholic university and the first university from the state of Illinois to pass divestment.

Loyola’s divestment success is one of three divestment hearings that occurred simultaneously across the nation.

At the University of Michigan, the Central Student Government voted to “table, indefinitely” a divestment bill presented by student representatives of campus group Students Allied for Freedom and Equality. Over one hundred students and supporters in attendance began to chant in protest of the student government’s decision.

In Phoenix, AZ, Students for Justice in Palestine at the Arizona State University also introduced a divestment bill for a first-read. It, too, was tabled indefinitely, but student organizers intend to present the resolution for a vote on April 1.

It is worth noting that no resolutions were rejected this evening.

This article will be updated as more information is made available.


There are 9 comments

  1. Jane Jewell

    Congratulations to the students of Loyola for showing compassion and support for the oppressed people of this world. Exactly what Jesus used to do; he must be very proud of you!
    And, for what it’s worth, so am I 🙂

    1. Sunshine

      Jane: how dare you use the good name of Jesus to promote random killings of innocent, missile attacks, stabbings of babies and young children etc.

      When I think that Loyola is designated as ‘higher learning’, what have you been learning? Did you know that the Palestinians just signed a $1.2 billion deal with Israel to provide them with services? Did you know that Palestinians prefer by far Israeli goods? They complain when products are sold out.

      The Palestinians aren’t boycotting Israel, only stupid ignorant college kids. You’ll understand one day… maybe.

  2. anonymous

    How could this happen? This is disgusting as to how this passed. Palestinians have more rights in Israel than most people do in Islamic countries. This was done behind the backs of many students and without other organizations input. Shame on you all! Israel has done no wrong and the student government obviously knows nothing. This is nothing but a cheap shot and a shot at the jews. Where are other groups that should be involved. It’s obviously a blatant shot at jews when you only bring one side to an argument. Where were the pro Israeli groups in this? Not invited… This was a stab in the back with no legitimate reason in doing this. Shame on the entire student government!

  3. Anonymous

    People did the right thing, Israel is an apartheid state. Many others will follow, it is taking time ( 60 plus years) but Palestine will be free from the occupation with the efforts of million people around the world.
    Since the last “peace process” started around July 2013, 56 Palestinians civilians have been killed, 800 plus injured, houses and orchards demolished, just a sample of how terrible is living under the IDF army.

    1. Bob Smith

      Sad commentary on PC myths about and Islamic reality.

      Islamic reality is – thousands of dead Christian Nigerians, thousands of dead Christian Lebanese, thousands of dead Americans on 9/11, burkas, female genital mutilation, amputation of hands and feet, stoning for being raped, death penalty for blasphemy, Bali, Madrid, London, Mumbai, Nairobi and the list goes on – over and over and over.

      And the PC intellectual minnows call Israel an apartheid state. Loyola’s useful idiots are an embarrassment.

      1. ontogram

        What does other wrongs have to do with Israel’s wrongs? What’s your point? Israel receives 1/3 of all US foreign”aid” and this is sufficient reason for Americans, at least, to look very carefully at that racist state, a state for which 25% of its inhabitants do not share the advantages of “nationality.” BDS is the only answer and it is the only effective answer.

  4. Paul Cerar

    I predict the fascists who passed this resolution will use it as a false claim of authority, to engage in fascism in their own country, against their fellow Americans.

    Paul Cerar
    Toronto, Canada

  5. MatthewH

    This is horrifying. Loyola is a Catholic University, a Christian University. Since when does threatening Israel become an acceptable Christian position? And exactly who does this group of extremists represent? Such a monumental, far reaching issue should have required the vote of every student at Loyola, not just a few the radicals control, intimidate or confuse. I seriously doubt whether they could get the majority of Christian student to make such a horrific endorsement. I am completely ashamed of my Alma Mater and these people who have been somehow given the privilege of attending Loyola. Are these students really projecting the kind of moral image we want for the University?

    Some actions go just too far. This, in my book, is one of them. Personally I believe anyone who supported this position deserves to be expelled.

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