See: Israeli settlers walk into a Palestinian home and decide it belongs to them

This footage, filmed and published in 2009, gives you an intimate yet disturbing close-up of colonial expansion and occupation. Watch as over a dozen Jewish settlers make their way into a Palestinian home in Jerusalem’s Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood and lay claim to a section of the property.

The home belonged to the Al-Kurd family. Rifqa Al-Kurd, 90, attempted to keep the settlers from entering the home but the settlers quickly moved around her, bringing their own belongings into the house and removing the family’s belongings from the premises.

According to the video’s description, a previous court order administered by an Israeli judge transferred ownership rights over part of the house to a family of Jewish settlers. It is unclear if any appeals were made on behalf of the Al-Kurd family, but considering Israel’s longstanding history of ignoring land ownership deeds held by Palestinians, it is unlikely that the situation would have changed.


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  1. Galaxian

    Israel remains in its 19th century of “Eastward ho!” It is unfortunate to watch the USA locked into its policy of unconditional support, but the two countries’ histories are somewhat parallel. The USA resisted integrating the Indian territories and granting citizenships for about 150 years. It eventually did so once credibility on the international stage became a factor after World War I. I do not know whether this type of solution will ever avail in Palestine. However, I doubt any viable Palestinian state can be erected within the Israeli-controlled areas. Presumably there won’t be any untaken land pretty soon, leaving no other alternatives if Palestinians are to gain access to effective political process. A most unpalatable dilemma with ongoing power to ruin lives. Who would even want to be the new house owners under this cloud?

  2. Samy

    I’m pretty sure this story is bullshit. There are many cases where Palestinians are squatting on the land where that doesn’t belong to them and they have no legal ownership. I’m sure the Jewish residents (roast his idiotic article refers to them – “settlers”- paid good money for the property and want to take position of what’s legally theirs. These property disputes take place everywhere in the world and squatters get kicked out. But only Israel and Jews get demonized for following the law.

    1. Free Man

      what law you are talking about, no Israeli knows the meaning of Law except their arrogance and criminality ….. every one in this world knows that they have no right to step in Palestine not to own….this is bullshit …………….

    2. Abdullah

      I agree with Samy. The sources of this kind of information is usually biased and one sided. It’s so cool to come down on the Israelis. There are certainly many other places in the world way worse than what is perceived to be happening in Israel. There’s never any mention of how Jews living in Arab ruled nations in 1948 had there property confiscated and deported or killed. No one cared then and there would be no one coming to their defense today. Hatred takes no prisoners!

      1. Reflective Thinking

        you do realize East Jerusalem is illegally annexed territory don’t you? the only reason Palestinians have to build without a permit is because Israel doesn’t grant them permits because they’re not Jewish…the purpose of this policy is to maintain demographic superiority…that’s what being a Jewish state means…I suggest you look up the 1950 Law of Return, the 1952 Citizenship Law, the absentte property law, the 1965 planning and building law, the JNF Law. I suggest you read the Adalah: The LEgal Center for Arab Minotrity Rights in Israel brief on Discriminatory Laws and Bills Since 2009. There’s a wealth of information on all this….your claims about being biased and one-sided means nothing…if I’m biased on the side of truth, then yeah I guess I’m biased…but you’re also biased…biased on the side of lies and propaganda…so I guess we’re both biased then eh?it’s not so cool to come down on the Israelis…if you care about human rights then you come down on the Israelis…it’s really that’s not a fad or a trend and for you to say that is incredibly insulting and ignorant….educate yourself…you’ll be better off for it

      2. Ayden

        to Abdullah… You obviously no nothing about the jews communities in arab world … These communities where no where else in this entire globe, safer than in the Arab world… the Jews were for centuries, targeted, discriminated, hunted, killed …etc where at the same time, they could expend and live freely as anyone else in the arab world … So please, if you don’t know, read or ask but don’t trow things like this without knowing… By the way, I m myself from Algerian Jewish family living in Australia.

      3. ontogram

        The Jews in Arab countries were su;bject to reprisals for the actions of Israel against Palestinians. The key is “reprisal.” Until Zionism, Jews lived quite well in Arab Muslim countries, better than they did in Europe or Russia. Zionism is the root cause of ME violence. In fact, Zionism brought terrorism to the ME. The Irgun and Stern Gang invented terrorism. It is a Jewish invention, like the myth of Israel, an invention. These thieves and killers must be brought low and it will happen. American Jews are abandoning Israel by the bushel now: Nobody wants to be associated with the settler scum and their violence and then their crying about being victims themselves. Without American Jewish support, there will be no US support and hence no Israel. Israel cannot survive without outside support, the excess money it takes to maintain the world’s largest prisons and a crack army even while the Israeli economy falters. Who pays for this? Americans.

        Personally, I withhold $25 a year from my tax burden and include a note to the IRS that this is the approximate amount of my taxes given to Israel. Inasmuch as Israel uses the funds to buy arms to use, not for defense, but for policing stolen land and appropriating more of it, the funds aid and abet recognized illegal acts. Now that I know, and can in fact, prove that these funds are utilized for illegal purposes, I cannot be an accessory and must report these activities and withhold my funding. I do not believe that any court can force a citizen to commit illegal acts. In any case, two years now and they keep sending notices and penalties and interest, all of which costs the IRS more than they are charging, that is, this administration of a deficiency is not cheap. I recommend everyone take the same tact and BURDEN THE IRS SUCH THAT IT BECOMES A SCANDAL. Do the math yourself: $3.2 billion a year paid by about 128 million American taxpayers. Just don’t pay $25 and when they ask about it, explain that you cannot — much as you would like not to get in trouble — you cannot enable proven illegal activities through your tax dollars. .

      4. ontogram

        It is s standard line of Israel and Zionists that there are many places worse than the WB and Gaza and that the focus on Israel is “anti-semitism.” But, the focus on Israel is Israel’s own doing. First, Israel has its 5th column all over the world, unlike any other belligerents, and these Zionists are constantly at work trying to do Israel’s bidding, taking advantage of good press, complaining endlessly about “anti-semitism” (which has no impact any more!), etc. In short, Israel creates the scrutiny itself. The US gives Israel $3.2 billion a year many times more than any other recipient. It is natural and right that Americans should be closely focused on the doings of that criminal state.

        for Abdullah — There are no crimes against Jews anywhere that rank with the daily crimes against non-Jews by Jews. In recent years, how many Jews have died by virtue of being Jews? Now — how many gentiles have died at the hands of Jews by virtue of not being Jewish? End of case.

    3. John

      Samy, when you refer to the word “law” are you referring to international law? Or are you referring to Israeli law which is conveniently built around the concept of apartheid and illegal settlements? If you are referring to the latter, then you are absolutely right, the poor 90 year old lady should be kicked out of her own home immediately and these savage thugs should take it over. Get your head out of your ass

    4. Khaled Alkurd

      This story is true, and I, her grandson live here in the US and neither I or anyone is able to do anything about it. This is not only my family that have been expelled from their home, but the whole neighborhood is under threat of ethnic cleansing. No justice in this world.

    5. Jared Abdullah Garrison

      can’t hide behind “laws” forever…and hiding your other “laws” isn’t helping your argument either…and for the record…mans laws and morals do not coincide, so there will always be separation until they reflect each other…until then, you are arguing in circles

    6. Mark

      What are you talking about dude? The ‘settlers’ aka thieves have taken land that does not belong to them and broken every law known to man, including thou shalt not steal/kill, laws of their own religion! It’s some of the most inhumane and immoral activity happening on the planet today.

    7. Danny

      I would have to somewhat agree with you. It happens all around the world. It is always very hard to judge the entire situation based on a segment of a video. AS unfortunate it is for a family to get kicked out of a house, if they are illegally occupying (like not paying the rent, fail to meet the mortgage, etc), it is hard to blame the people that rightfully own the place for trying to get it back.

      1. Sami Kishawi

        Reminder that the Palestinians shown being evicted from their own home are the owners of the property and that the settlers, who have no right to the land and who are encouraged and incentivized to settle in Palestinian homes by the Israeli government, do not own the land. It can’t be any more clear.

    8. Rdegraza

      holly shit now I Know why you guys get bombs dropped on you and have no peace,and you never will if this does not stop,unbelievable.

    9. Mary

      You are ‘pretty sure’ , Samy, that the house doesn’t belong to the al Kurd family? Pretty sure in not good enough. Please produce evidence that prove they did not own it. Your subjective assumptions have no authority.

  3. Aziza

    To these pathetic comments HOW MUCH DOSE UR RATCHET ASS ISRAILI GOVERNMENT PAY U TO WRITE THESE ? loool the fact is Israhell has broken 65+ UN resolutions ! No respect for human dignity or for themselves at all ! Looks a lot like the holocaust to me! Running into a house taking over then sending innocents to live in a shit hole camp! How dare you try and justify this ?! Where is this helpless old lady going to go now? Israelis are careless savages that do not know what humanism & peace is ! That’s something you should know very well and value considering your ancestors suffering ! SHAME TO THIS COUNTRY BUILT OFF OTHERS LANDS AND SHAMLESS KILLING ! Rot in hell you cowards $$$

  4. Joseph hajj

    Im a muslim i follow the quran, but ill speak to you from the bible as it call this lan “falasteen” meaning palestine. This place was never called israel until 1948, so you cant say “squatting on land that does not belong to them”

    1. gazala chauhan

      I agree with you the jewish israelis are the squatters , they were displaced from poland and other parts of europe by hitler and after the second world war ended they decided to embark on ships and sail to the promised land and take over!!!!!! At first the muslims welcomed the extra skilled labour but little did they know that thses poeple woulD take over!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Valentina

    Sad reality, everyone knows it.Those that deny it are only lieing to themselves (so they can sleep better at night) not to the rest of us.

  6. Talha

    Really really sad. The arrogance of just thinking that the place belongs to them and to uproot a family living in the house is simply heartless. How they are kicking out Palestinians today from their homes, the same will happen to them one day.

  7. Kim

    Wow I’m just in Shock where in the world do you go in to a house and take whatever you want And leave and no one can stop you I guess only in Palestine.
    Well I guess this is where our money goes to help support these criminals
    Such is shameless act really Can’t believe my eyes

  8. T Bennett

    The argument used by settlers, especially in zone c is that these Palestinian homes are labelled “illegal” “under Israel state control” or “firing zone”. As a result of occupation of the West Bank Israel has created laws to de-legitimize ownership of land by Pals. Its similar to how the Europeans felt no shame in taking away Native American land. They didn’t have a deed written down on a piece of paper so they never really owned it (according to European logic).

  9. adambaumsocal

    What ever is happening for certain in this video isn’t very cordial. I think that who ever manufactured it was out to deceive a viewers perspective as to the real violence the Zionist land thieves use against the rightful owners the Palestine’s. Even the Geneva convention condemns the illegality
    of the Israelis occupation. The U.S. and Israel have both been convicted in an International Court
    and Choose to get out of the jurisdiction making them both Rouge lawless nations not to be trusted.

  10. john

    She maybe 90 and I feel for her but there are two sides to every story. If what this article claims is true, then this us very bad. However, in this age, irrespective what is going on, for someone to walk straight and claim this kind of house from a family is questionable.

    1. John

      John, there is nothing questionable about it. Much worse has happened in this apartheid driven country. Israel has been building illegal settlements on Palestinian land for decades. These settlements are illegal under international law and all members of the UN (except US) have condemned it yet Israel continues its activities freely because it is above the law. They tear down Palestinian homes evicting entire families so they can use the land for themselves.

  11. NADA

    Israel have stolen many things from many countries, the rights to live in peace, the right to have ur land, the right to learn, the right to be a respected human, the right to be a child….its very hard to be STATELESS …. but Israel didn’t do all that alone, with the help of USA, and many other countries including ARAB countries presidents and kings…. its a shame for us to have like these leaders, who can sell their conscience to stay presidents…. WHERE R U OMAR…. WE MISS MEN LIKE YOU TO SPREAD JUSTICE ON THE WHOLE WORLD…. GOD GIVE THESE POOR PEOPLE PATIENCE TO OBTAIN THIS HARD TIME.

  12. humanitarian

    i wonder how some of you who say it may be fabricated or made up, to feel if your mother was kicked out of her own ( supposedly ) and yelling at some barbarians to leave…The whole image of Isra-hell is about sympathy..they have portrayed themselves as a nation ( not that they ever had one ) as always being oppressed…they are just sick!! To bulldoze and demolish homes on Palestinian land is their right..? don’t think so some how…

    “when a dog barks too much, it get’s put down”

    Your time is coming very soon…

  13. Audra

    In very basic and simple terms, if you walk into someone’s home and take a clock because a clock was stolen from your family at some point, you ARE stealing. To deny this is what the Israelis are doing is as ignorant as denying that the holocaust took place. I am not in any way minimizing the holocaust. The holocaust was wrong; horribly and irreparably wrong. However, when homes are taken from the Palestinians in this way it is no different than the way the Nazis took homes from the Jews. Taking a home from a 90 year old woman will not make the pain of the holocaust go away nor will it make up for what happened. It merely perpetuates the wrong by doing exactly the same thing. Simple as that.

  14. Galaxian

    “Palestinians are squatting on the land” (Samy, March 13) raises an interesting objection. Obviously I cannot know whether the lady was trespassing in the house. Nor do I know anything about cadastral laws there. My understanding is that land title is obscure in many parts of the world. However, American law generally recognizes “squatter’s rights,” or ownership by adverse possession, in cases where someone lives openly on a property, paying mortgages, upkeep, and taxes for at least 20 years unopposed by any other claimants to the place. Under this doctrine, the lady would be entitled to own the house regardless of prior deed, provided she had lived there long enough and the absentee owners didn’t do anything about it during all that time.

    None of this changes my view that most land occupancy on this planet can be traced back to conquest. Both Israel and my own country, the USA, sit on their territories because they were able to conquer them. This is an age-old fact of world politics that doesn’t make either winner or loser “better” than the other in the eyes of God. However, the winners do have an obligation to exercise humane jurisdiction over areas under their rule, and consider basic needs of everyone who lives in those areas without “respect for persons”, that is, without unnecessary distinctions or discrimination.

  15. Galaxian

    To clarify a bit, I didn’t like the scenario showing “settlers” just horning in through the gate to displace the lady. If local lawful authority has requirement to evict her and she is really too old to be left fending for herself, then that authority has an obligation to find her somewhere to go, and arrange the transfer on a schedule of some kind.

    1. Maya

      Agreed since when do people take “the law” into their own hands and forcefully throw people out of their own homes? Thank God I live in Canada where this kind of thing doesn’t happen

  16. Shoruq Hamdan

    Who the hell do they think they are? this poor old lady, instead of spending her last days comfortable in her own home they force her out! They are smiling as well these heartless monsters. This is so heart breaking these insignificant fools!

  17. Sheikh abdikadir

    How can you expect
    Muslims to love you when you are forcefully occupying their lands
    and murdering their people ?

  18. Mahmoud

    these settlers are filthy animals with no hearts.
    Come to a house claiming its there’s is just wrong.
    Even if it is their house at least give them time to move out or at least tell them this is our property.
    If a Palestinian family just walk into a settlers house and claim is there property and have proof automatically Israel soldiers will shoot them.

  19. Maya

    You cannot talk to those who pride themseles as being born superior than others. It’s actually disgusting to think it is ok for what is going on doesn’t matter who does it . I wrote a peaceful message on an Israeli page and some Israeli boy swore at me because I didn’t agree with the nasty comments written.

  20. saad

    I was born in Boston ma and I know nothing of what goes on outside america, but if someone is living in a home for years after years undisturbed and is one day removed by some random group of people that’s bullshit. Even an idiot like me can see that, its exploitation and corruption.

  21. Zahra

    Hats off to ontogram! I don’t know the religon he follows but the step he has taken against the proven atrocities by Israel are commendable and very practical if the Americans take it up seriously. Much more braver than many of the Arab and other muslim political leaders who are practical cowards not raising a finger even when Israel’s bombing is actually going on and voices are raised against it by a population of jews themselves.

  22. Sam

    this is 100% true. My grandparents are their neighbors. I been their. Those squatters are not even from the Middle East. they illegitimately claimed that house with people living in it and kicked them out with no remorse.

  23. Narendra Mohan

    The question is what should the rest of the world do to cut Israel and US to size ? Intensify the BDS campaign and spread it.

  24. David

    Israel is an historical anachronism, 67 years of trying to pound a square peg into a round hole.
    Zionists: Short term smart, long term stupid, real stupid.

  25. Tim Benton

    This is a bunch of lies. I remember this case very well, the Israeli’s passed money for the deed, then the Arabs screamed they were moving in. Guess only in this part of the world is paying for property, having the deed passed for cash is stealing.

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