Oscar nominated film from “Palestine” incites ‘terrorism, violence’ say pro-Israel communities

BEVERLY HILLS, CALIF. — The second-ever Palestinian film has been nominated for an Oscar. But the nod, which comes in the Best Foreign Language Film category, brings with it some new language. “Omar” was listed as a film from “Palestine” rather than from the “Palestinian territories,” a term previously used by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

“Omar” is a complex Palestinian drama and political thriller set in the heart of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The film’s director, Hany Abu-Assad, also directed the 2005 film “Paradise Now” which was also nominated for an Academy Award in the foreign language film category.

Abu-Assad says he is elated at the fact that the academy listed his film under “Palestine”. This was a “step in the right direction,” he added, referring to his previous Oscar-nominated film which was listed first under “Palestinian Authority” before being changed to “Palestinian territories.”

But not everyone is thrilled about the academy’s change of language.

“This foments terrorism. There is not a single doubt in my mind that this year’s Academy Awards ceremony is bent on delegitimizing Israel and inciting even more violence and hatred against us,” responded Jake Robinson, a 37-year-old computer salesman from Nebraska, when asked about the possible implications of the academy’s new language.

He showed us a Facebook page he created to protest the academy’s new terminology and updated the page’s status to “Free free Israel!”

Academy spokesperson Teni Melidonian cites United Nations protocol as the reason behind the name change. “We are just in the business of honoring filmmaking,” she said.

Abu-Assad, his film crew, and the Oscar nomination committee have already begun to face a relentless stream of opposition following the nomination announcement on Thursday.

One of the cameramen working on the “Omar” set, who wished to be known as R, commented on some of the death threats he has faced following the nomination.

“It’s incredible to see just how much people hate the idea of Palestinians being recognized as individuals with an identity just like anyone else.” R showed our reporter a dozen emails from outraged film critics and loyal Academy Awards viewers. He then pointed to his telephone and played, according to him, the first of “at least twenty messages.”

“Palestine is a fake country,” a woman shouted on the cameraman’s voicemail machine. “You are fake and I hope you die on stage.” Another caller threatened to revoke his membership with the motion picture academy unless the production staff for “Omar” requested the film be listed under “Palestinian territories” instead.

A spokesperson for the Simon Wiesenthal Center condemned the decision.

“The Palestinians don’t exist, and if and when they do, they live in territories. If they want their territories to become a country, they must stop impeding the peace process and come to grips with the fact that Israel is not going to stop what it has started,” she said, requesting to remain anonymous.

“The academy’s attempts to interfere with the peace process qualify as a form of terrorism. If the world doesn’t act, we will certainly support Israel in taking matters into its own hands and using force if necessary.”

The Israeli consulate in Los Angeles refused an interview request and instead referred our reporter to a spokesman for the Israeli embassy in Chicago, who asked: “How can they say the film is from ‘Palestine’ when there isn’t even a ‘P’ in the Arabic language? I am, among other things, a language expert, so please understand what I am saying.”

Abu-Assad is hopeful despite the pressure. “Omar” has received critical acclaim throughout the Middle East, including from many Israelis.

Ofer Platt, 41, a New York native who gave up his U.S. citizenship to live in a Jewish settlement in the West Bank, praised the film’s creators for managing to produce the film despite his repeated attempts to break movie props and expensive cameras with rocks he would otherwise “peg at Palestinian villagers from afar.”

The winners of the 86th Academy Awards ceremony will be announced on March 2.

This is a special report for The Daily Negotiator, your source for honest, groundbreaking, and somewhat satirical news coverage of Palestine-Israel.


There are 6 comments

  1. Sameh Hammouri

    “How can they say the film is from ‘Palestine’ when there isn’t even a ‘P’ in the Arabic language? I am, among other things, a language expert, so please understand what I am saying.” .
    I guess in that case the people of France should be worried – I heard they don’t have the English letter “R” in their language.

  2. Faysal Abu Khadra

    There are 3 facts that showes that Zioinist Israel is just a Zionist movement supported by west especially Britain to take Palistine by force and steel lands and heritage and history of Palistinians who were before Jews whom are our cousins in religion. In the Tora it’s written by prophet Hizquil that the father of this Land Amorry and Mother Hithia, and Palistinians came to this land before Jews, this doesn’t mean we are against Sami Jews that we use to live with them but we are against Zionist who came from west of Europ , south of Russia whome they don’t any relation with Samists Race.
    Second. God in Torrah dint say to deport the Palistiens from this land and steel there property and make them live in refugee camps for ever. God said to Ibrahim who is the Granrd father of both Moslems and Jwes so according to Torraah it should be divided fifty fifty.
    Third, how can a Satate who have honore to live all her life on charities , especially from tax payer of American people and other Nations, and how can a country teaching there youns to carry there Guns
    for ever, I meat with ex Prime Minister Rabin and asked him, : why your are seeking for Peace and his
    answre was: We cannot live in State of War forever with Palestinans And our Nabours.
    Hope Israel and Supporters to go to road to an honest peace.
    Faysal Abukhadra

  3. Geoff Dolan

    Palestine is ‘Al Filistine’ in Arabic,just like Hungary is called ‘Maygar’ in Hungarian, Ireland is ‘Eire’ in Irish, and Finland is ‘Suomi’ in Finnish’.Ok,ok, they’re Anti-Semites (groan) So, what about China? It calles itself ‘Zhonghua’.Ooops, they’re friends with Iran.Spain is ‘Espana’ Nope, friends with Hitler they were, back in the day.. Uh, let’s see…ah yes…Montenegro is ‘Crna Gora’. Nope, wrong again, Anti-Semitic hillbilies so they are. The field of Linguistics itself is dominated by self hating Jews like Chomsky, so there’s that argument blown out of the water.Anyway, that’s irrelevant. The quotes here are mad, even for the israeli far right. I find it hard the Simon Wiesenthal centre are threatening ‘force’; Will we see some fat old fella come along and blow himself up?Is this a humourous skit?

  4. tim74836

    The most shameful display of arrogance I have ever seen was the display of voice mail messages left on R’s machine. Threatening language, violence, and absolute intolerance toward a man who worked on the film and had nothing to do with the film industry is being targeted for hate crimes. That is just sick. I hope this film reaches into the very abyss of the main stream as a product of Palestine.

  5. Faysal Abu Khadra

    To Tim, you are absalutly mistaken, pls. Go to the occupied land and see by yourself how Palestinians are suffering from Army and Settelers, who really make the Plestians live a miserable life.
    Who on earth any People live in a state of occupation for ever, enogh is enogh.

  6. tim74836

    To Faysal,
    Hello and thank your for replying to my comment. If you didn’t, anyone who read it would probably think as you would and interpret that I am against Palestinian Sovereignty. I am sorry my word usage implied the exact opposite of my intention. Simply put, bad choice of words.
    The shameful display was demonstrated by those who verbally attacked and threatened the makers of “Omar”. I hope the film reaches every corner of the planet and is translated into 1000 languages. I want to see it.

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