The homeless are people too

I want to give you all a little challenge that I’m going to try hard to live up to. I’m a bit late in saying this because we’re already halfway through the winter but it’s still cold outside and there aren’t always enough resources to keep the homeless warm and dry. The homeless are people too. And just like we appreciate the little things, those very same things can go a long way in giving the homeless much needed comfort. So, this winter, go out and spend a few dollars on spare gloves and hats. Carry a spare in your big coat pocket whenever you go out, and if you see a homeless man, woman, or child with icy hands or exposed ears, give them a pair of gloves and/or a hat. What might cost you only a few dollars might actually fill them with a kind of warmth they probably haven’t felt in so long. It might also save them from frostbite, which is pretty neat. Try to get into the habit of giving, even when you have little to give. And if you have nothing physical to give, a few kind words, a head nod, a handshake, or some eye contact can go a very long way. A smile is charity, and when you dignify others, you dignify yourself. It’s this kind of attitude that really makes the world go round. You are blessed with the capacity to give and to love. Take advantage of it. Much love.

Inspired by this ‘People of Boston’ post.


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  1. Mitch

    Great idea! Instead of carrying around an extra pair, I think I’ll just give them them my gloves and hat. And keep the extra set at home. This way, I get to experience the cold the like they do as I lose the warmth I just had. This may teach me to be more compassionate. Thanks for this idea!

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