Send this up-and-coming Palestinian-American filmmaker to the Oscars!

Information is everywhere for us to consume. But few people can organize it and motivate us as effortlessly as Sara Jawhari, a Palestinian-American student, social justice activist, and media guru who has devoted much of her life to educating and inspiring the public about global causes that don’t receive the attention they need.

She’s selflessly done so much for others. Now it’s time for us to help her out (and boy, are we a a little overdue).

Sara is vying for a spot with this year’s Team Oscar. This opportunity will not only allow her to participate in the actual Academy Awards, but she will also be able to interact one-on-one with many of the individuals who have shaped her creative style and who have motivated her to pursue her passions. So, to get her there, we’ll need a few seconds of your time.

But before I explain what you will need to do, I urge you to take a moment to get to know who you’re supporting and why your support matters.

In her entry video (which you can view in full here), she shares her dream of being a storyteller and exposing the world to diverse individual narratives that we never knew existed.

In an earlier video (which you can view in full here), she travels to Jordan’s Zaatari refugee camp and profiles some of the men, women, and children who were forced to flee their homes in Syria. While it may be one of her earliest forays into documentary filmmaking, it certainly packs a powerful and high-quality punch.

Here’s how to get her to the Oscars:

Step one: Visit the Team Oscar entries page here: Search for her name (“Sara Jawhari”) in the search box at the top right of the page. Click on the gray “thumbs up” icon immediately underneath the video.

Step two: If Facebook prompts you to like an authorized app, click “Okay”. Your information will not be shared.

Step three: Like and share the video! How easy is that?

It’s important that Sara and others like her get the exposure they deserve. A lot of times we think of resources as physical materials — cameras, microphones, studios and the like. But in reality, resources also include access to opportunities and moments with individuals that can greatly influence someone’s work.

Sara has a refreshing vision that makes you and your story the foundation of her work. Plus, she comes from a background that is far too often left out of the media world. Be a part of helping her realize her dream.

There is one comment

  1. Suhayb

    My name is Suhayb Al-Jawhari and I am a student at the American University in DC. I found this on the internet through researching for my internship for the Arab Studies Institute and I was wondering if I can connect with Sara? I’m interested in her work and interested in where she comes from because I think we’re maybe related! This is great by the way I support you all the way!

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