BBC comedy sketch highlights illegal Israeli expansion

Here’s something you won’t find on American televisions. BBC actors portraying members of the Israeli Embassy’s fictional “Embassy Expansion Team” traveled to Kensington, where the Embassy is located, and made the announcement to unsuspecting shop owners that parts of their property belongs to the Embassy now. Hilarity ensues.

Here are some golden lines from the sketch, which aired on BBC Three’s “The Revolution Will Be Televised” earlier this month:

“Before it was your land it was our land, so we’re really going to take what’s rightfully ours,” says the expansion team to a shop owner. “Thanks for looking after it!”

When the team is questioned about the plans, they sardonically respond, “Well, we don’t really need planning. We have a very very old planning book that’s two thousand years old.”

Another bewildered shop owner asks for an official notice. “Well, we generally go with the bulldozers first, letters later.”

The expansion team takes a peek inside another store. “And you see all those olives you’ve got in the deli display there? They’re ours, as well.”

“It’s not like taking someone’s land is a big deal,” says one of the actors. “We’ve been doing it for years. I mean, what’s the problem?” interjects the other.

When one shop manager smiles at the sheer lunacy of the Embassy’s supposed announcement, he is suddenly shut down. “I’m finding that smile a bit anti-Semitic, mate. So I think you should really wipe that off your face.”

The sketch does a great job of highlighting the twisted nature of Israel’s expansion into Palestinian land.

Countless international governing bodies have denounced Israeli settlements as illegal under international law. The United Nations Human Rights Council has declared outright that Israel’s annexation of Palestinian land through settlements and by other means constitutes a direct violation of the Geneva Conventions.

However, Israel insists that it has a right to colonize Palestinian territory largely because ‘it was promised to them by the Almighty’, as one of the actors delightfully points out.

The sketch also pokes fun at Israel’s appropriation of Palestinian culture and cuisine.


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