LOL: Cultural appropriation takes on a new, swaggy look

We missed the memo but apparently if anyone’s looking for the “original” kuffiyeh, Semitic Swag‘s got a sale going.

The picture above says it all but in case it doesn’t, here are three quick comments:

One, this wild attempt to erase Palestinians and their history from the world is so pathetic and uncreative that I’m actually looking forward to the day when Israel touts itself as the inventor of knafa.

Two, does Semitic Swag’s executive board not realize that the word ‘swag’ is falling off as fast as Israel’s appeal in the international community? Really great business decision.

Three, a friend of mine on Facebook said it best: “The funny thing is, if you wore one of these during the first intifada, you were shot dead.”


There are 2 comments

  1. Noor

    I have to say when I saw this, I laughed at how pathetic israelis are… first you steal the palestinian land and now you are trying to erase their culture and make it your own? lool next thing you know it they’ll be saying…”but the kuffiya has always been israeli.”! haha so pathetic they make me sick

  2. Another fellow American

    They really are a sad and pathetic groups of people. I don’t feel sorry for them though. They can be normal if they wanted to.

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