Download: Ringtone version of Marcel Khalife album classic

‘Asfoor Tull Min El-Shebback’, performed by Omaima Khalil, is one of the more recognizable tracks on Marcel Khalife’s 2009 album Beirut Beirut Beirut. (Listen to the song on YouTube.)

It’s a beautiful song about a bird searching for freedom that is usually performed as a tribute to Palestinian prisoners and hunger strikers.

I’ve received requests to turn the song’s chorus into a ringtone. Below are the download links to two files, one .m4r and one .mp3. For those of you with an iPhone, downloading and then opening the .m4r file will automatically add the file into your iTunes library as a ringtone. You should be able to change your ringtone after syncing your phone.

Download the .m4r file (0:30, 1.3 MB)

Download the .mp3 file (0:30, 583 KB)

For more of Marcel Khalife and Omaima Khalil, purchase and download the full album here.

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