Photo of the Week: Forced to work the occupation

Photo credit: Dean Chaim
Date taken: October 11, 2012
Location: Just outside of Bethlehem, West Bank, Palestine

A Palestinian man files into an Israeli checkpoint on his way to search for employment in Israel. If he is lucky enough to find a job for the day, he will be paid far less than any Israeli counterpart.

The United Nations reported last September that the Palestinian economy lost access to about 40% of the West Bank as a direct result of Israel’s occupation, settlements, and barrier wall. High unemployment rates in the West Bank over the last decade have forced many Palestinians to seek employment in Israel. These Palestinians oftentimes work in substandard conditions, ironically providing manual labor for an economy designed to suppress their rights. But that is the very unfortunate and disturbing position they are forced in.

There are 2 comments

  1. tim74836

    The shear will and determination of the Palestinian people is a model to anyone who believes that misery created by a tyrant nation will not lead to the kind of despair the Zionist work so hard for. Thanks for the photo, it is an inspiration.

  2. El B

    You mean palestinians have it better in Syria, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Katar…? There are more palestinians/arabs killed by arabs every day around the world (Syria alone these days) than effected by the occupation. See what happened in Egypt when the Muslim brothers gained power. Same will happen to the arabs living in the jewish historical holly land once they get a little bit of independence.

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