There is another Palestinian player in FIFA 14

You’ve met Roberto Bishara. Now meet Alexis Norambuena whose teammates to the left and right can’t contain their excitement over what he just did to the other team’s goalkeeper.

Norambuena is a Palestinian-Chilean born in Valdivia, Chile. Like Bishara and hundreds of thousands of other Palestinian descendants in Chile, Norambuena traces his roots back to Palestine where his family likely emigrated to escape pillaging by the British following World War I or forced displacement at the hands of Zionist paramilitary forces in the late-1940s.

Norambuena is a starting player for Jagiellonia Białystok in Poland’s premier football league. He carries the number 17 and is a very versatile defender. Although FIFA 14 registers him as a left back, he is equally skilled at covering the right side of the pitch.

Although Norambuena hasn’t won a league title with Jagiellonia Białystok yet, he played an instrumental role in his squad’s 2010 Polish Cup and Polish SuperCup wins. These two trophies go well with his first trophy from 2005 when he played with Unión Española and took the Chilean league by storm.

While Jagiellonia Białystok has no historical link to Palestine, Norambuena provides it with a present-day one. His team applauds his involvement with the Palestinian national team, for which he made his debut on June 18, 2012, in a 2-1 win over Yemen.

This is Norambuena’s debut to the FIFA series. Electronic Arts added Poland’s premier league to FIFA 14 after officially licensing the league and each of its teams, including Jagiellonia Białystok.

It’s time to learn another team anthem to sing loudly whenever Norambuena gets a touch. This one is epic.

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