Final scenes from Gaza

Here is the third and final set of photographs from my visit to the Gaza Strip this summer. There might be more photographs lurking around on my computer but for now, these are the ones I think do the best job of depicting some of the scenes and experiences I faced.

I miss Gaza, its sights and sounds, and its beautiful people who will invite you into their homes, feed you from their own hands, and show you that you are one of them. Life is certainly not easy in Palestine. But it can still be beautiful.

These photographs were all taken in July 2013. See the first photo set here: Gaza in life, love, dignity, and strength. See the second photo set here: Timeless stories in Gaza in black and white.

The sun sets behind Gaza City’s grey concrete buildings.

Rami, a young Palestinian boy from the Remal district of Gaza City, leans out of his window to shout with his friends downstairs.

An elderly shop owner wears a cloth around his wrist to wipe the sweat from his forehead as he sells tea, tea sets, and silverware in a popular street market in Gaza City.

A fasting man pays for a plate of hummus hours before sunset. During the holy month of Ramadan, Muslim Palestinians begin to prepare their meal well before breaking their fasts. Restaurants and small eateries take their business outside to the streets where locals quickly gather to purchase necessities such as freshly baked breads, salad, falafel, and hummus.

A warehouse in the center of the Gaza Strip sells various kinds of rice to willing buyers. Rice is a common staple item in Palestinian cuisine.

During an electricity cut, very few parts of the Gaza Strip glow at night. In this case, an entire city block in the Remal district of Gaza City is illuminated by power generators. The dotted blue lights are also powered by generators.

Gaza’s main journalism tower, where most television and print media offices are located, has been the target of many Israeli air strikes. Although parts of the building have been renovated and rebuilt as a result of the assaults, details of Israel’s most recent air strike on the building are still evident, as shown in the bottom right of the frame.

A calming sunset contrasts with the Mediterranean Sea’s growing waves along the coast of the Gaza Strip.

Palestinian boys climb large cement slabs on their way to Gaza’s port where they will likely catch small fish or crabs and sell them to pay for food for the family.

The brightly lit storefront on the street belongs to Kazem, one of the Gaza Strip’s most popular ice cream eateries.

Three girls, one barefoot, walk through a narrow corridor in a refugee camp in the heart of Gaza City. They are snacking on barrad, a slushed ice drink normally made with yellow food coloring.

Electricity cuts drastically affect the Gaza Strip’s productivity. Here, a barber waits patiently in this empty shop for the electricity to return.

A toktok is parked in between two buildings in the Al-Shati Refugee Camp in the Gaza Strip. Toktoks became all the rage a few years ago after they were smuggled in through tunnels from Egypt. What really draws the attention of so many of their owners is their gas efficiency. Israel’s siege and blockade, coupled with Egypt’s closure of the Rafah border and all gas pipelines into Gaza, are directly responsible for the gas crisis in the Gaza Strip.

Buildings in Gaza City come in all shapes and sizes and even colors.

A man walks by the front of a store late one night in Gaza City. The electricity had been cut at the time but the store owner used a power generator and remained open for the duration of the night.

Two boys from Gaza City perform martial arts moves with a rod they found on the beach.

A camel walks by a small family sitting at a table at the beach in Gaza City.

Interested in seeing more? See the first photo set here: Gaza in life, love, dignity, and strength. See the second photo set here: Timeless stories in Gaza in black and white.


There are 6 comments

    1. Roba Abushaaban

      yes Jeff we are people too like billions of people on this earth. And thanks for the thought. You also can help spread the word that Gaza is over populated with real life and peace loving people.

      1. Jeff Nguyen

        Greetings Roba, I have done two feature posts centered on the Palestinian people from an American perspective over at my blog:

        The giant and the boy who threw stones:

        We are all Palestinians:

        I would be happy to share any specific information from your site with my readers if you’d like. Please know there are peace loving people in America who do not support the actions of our government. Peace to you.

  1. nailitude

    These are beautiful pictures and I can only chuckle when I saw the pictures of the boys playing. I can only imagine their witty comments and bright, innocent personalities. The Palestinians really just want a peaceful warm life, being a Palestinian-American I become over joyed seeing Americans willing to see Palestine’s side of the story. Thank you.

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