Timeless stories in Gaza in black and white

This is the second set of photographs from my short trip to the Gaza Strip this summer. I only had nine days to spend catching up with family and friends so I found very little time to photograph freely.

But when I did, these were the kinds of moments that presented themselves. I was lucky to be able to capture anything.

I chose to make these images black and white because the colors don’t say anywhere near as much as the faces, wrinkles, clouds, or walls do. They are timeless stories that share a bit about everyday life in the Gaza Strip. I hope that each photograph can evoke in you the admiration, the caution, the laughter, the dread, or the awe I experienced whenever I lifted the camera.

These photographs were all taken in July 2013. See the first photo set here: Gaza in life, love, dignity, and strength. See the third and final photo set here: Final scenes from Gaza.

Three boys climb over large rock slabs near Gaza City’s port. The boy to the right of the frame is carrying a large rod that he and his friends will use to test the depth of the water if they choose to dive in or fish for crabs.

A fruit vender finalizes a transaction in a popular street market in the center of Gaza City.

The setting sun signals the end of the day’s Ramadan fast in the Gaza Strip.

A goalpost remains standing after Israel launched a series of air strikes last November against the Palestine stadium in Gaza City. The stadium has not yet been repaired and there is absolutely no grass left on the field.

Three boys sell kharoub, or carob juice, from a small cart in the heart of Gaza City. The boys fill the plastic containers with the homemade nectar every morning and balance their time as street merchants with a healthy dose of playing in the street.

A young man sells fruits and vegetables from a cart along the side of the road in the Gaza Strip. He is wearing an FC Barcelona jersey — a common sight in the Gaza Strip. Soccer is tremendously popular in Palestine and in the Gaza Strip specifically, fans tend to adamantly support either FC Barcelona or bitter rivals Real Madrid. It is one of the many examples of polarizing opposites in Gaza.

The sun nears the horizon as it splits shadowy walls in Gaza City.

A determined child races through a corridor in the Al-Shati Refugee Camp in Gaza City.

Malak stamps her footprints into the wet sand as the Mediterranean Sea tide slowly creeps up one evening in the Gaza Strip.

A father and son share intimate family moment in their home in the Al-Shati Refugee Camp.

Wires and clotheslines crisscross above a young boy looking down in central Gaza.

A bright light shines at the entrance of a building in the Remal district of Gaza City.

A woman walks through a small pathway in a refugee camp in the Gaza Strip while a portrait of the late Yasser Arafat seemingly overlooks her path. Although political opinion in Gaza is very fragmented, many Palestinians still hold Arafat in very high regard. Images, stickers, or paintings of his face adorn many walls and buildings.

A boy smiles with his lollipop as he sits in his father’s chair.

An elderly man sits by a box of fresh feseekh. Feseekh, popular in Egypt and neighboring Palestine, is a traditional dish consisting of heavily salted fish. Preparing the fish requires time and patience, and it oftentimes involves a recipe passed down from previous generations. It is typically eaten during special occasions, and many of those who eat feseekh joke about how their bodies can’t tolerate consuming so much salt more than once in a year.

A mother and her son take a stroll through the city center market in Gaza City.

A woman points out the tea cup collection she wants to purchase from this small store in Gaza City. It is customary in much of the Arab world to bring gifts when visiting another family’s home. Tea cup sets have become a go-to gift since they are so regularly used.

Interested in seeing more? See the first photo set here: Gaza in life, love, dignity, and strength. See the third and final photo set here: Final scenes from Gaza.

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  1. Roba Abushaaban

    I also visited Gaza this summer and stayed 3 months in there. I took many pictures too. Some are great. If you were interested I can post some on your wall. Let me know.

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