Taking you inside Syria’s refugee crisis

Palestinian-American student and Invisible Children activist Sara Jawhari, who has previously contributed photography to this blog, is featured in this heart wrenching account of life in Jordan’s Zaatari refugee camp. Millions of Syrians fleeing from violence have sought asylum in neighboring countries. Jordan established the Zaatari camp to host fleeing Syrians in mid-2012. Today, the population of the camp is estimated at well over 150,000 refugees.

Sara profiles one Syrian woman who was brutally beaten by regime officers or supporters. She also takes the camera into the Zaatari camp, bursting with life yet barren with hardly any access to basic amenities.

Sara spent much of her summer working with Syria Relief & Development to deliver medical equipment to Syrian refugees.


There is one comment

  1. Jeffrey Dahn

    The cost of just one Tomahawk missile, which is what would be used in a strike on Assad, costs roughly $1.1 million. And there would be many, many, of them used. Humanity would be better served by spending that money in humanitarian aid for the 2,000,000 refuges.

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