The Gaza Strip through the lens of a cell phone camera

My recent visit to the Gaza Strip was too short to spend as much time as I would have liked digging for stories and exploring for photographs. It also meant I spent most of my time meeting family members who I rarely get to see. Because bulky cameras get in the way of hugs and are canvases for sticky fingerprints from cousins, young and old, who try to convince me that their fingers ‘never touched the food’, I occasionally kept mine hidden in a closet. In these opportunities, I made sure to carry a cell phone that I could pull out without having to change any settings to snap a fleeting moment.

I used an iPhone 5’s camera for these shots, which were all taken between July 15 and July 27, 2013.

This view of the Remal district in Gaza City comes from a room on the eighth floor of a building where family and friends frequently relaxed and enjoyed the cool breeze.

Young men prepare a sidewalk picnic to break their fast moments before the sun sets after spending time on the beach along the coast of Gaza City one evening during the month of Ramadan.

Two men walk through a corridor of closed storefronts that leads to their apartment buildings to the right and left in Gaza City.

A cab driver transports seven travelers who just made it across the border through the Al-Bureij Refugee Camp in central Gaza Strip.

An elderly man sits beneath the stare of a stenciled image of a face on the wall of his home in Gaza City.

Two young Palestinian boys walk down Omar Al-Mokhtar Street after praying Jumuah (Friday) Prayers in Gaza City.

Clean, white wedding gowns hang from a storefront display in central Gaza Strip.

A young boy stacks wooden blocks in the stairwell of his home in Gaza City. Children from the neighborhood often spend time together playing games with handmade or repurposed objects.

A man who just returned to the Gaza Strip rests his arm on the car door’s padding as he passes through Rafah.

Two employees of Gaza’s Al-Khadra’a restaurant prepare shawarma sandwiches and grilled chicken on an outdoor grill as locals line up to order food to break their fast one evening during the month of Ramadan.

A cab driver takes a main road through Khan Younis on his way north through the Gaza Strip. The cement barriers along the right side of the street keep vehicles and pedestrians out of a new construction site. Hamas has begun a major redevelopment and restoration campaign and part of their plan involves building sidewalks along major public roads.

A calm Mediterranean Sea forms the backdrop of Gaza City’s skyline.

There are 5 comments

  1. Mohammed Rana Al Mamun

    pretty face of GAZA….nice and wonderful…I hope to visit Palestine but at the moment I don’t know how it works…..??

  2. Renee M. Rico

    I see some of your work is showing Al Bureij Camp. Were you there? Do you have more photos? Every day we sit and wonder, “How is my husband?” He is in Bureij and we have a 5 going on 6 yr old daughter. We wonder daily, will we ever see Daddy again? Please continue your work. It gives us a visual glimpse of something we have never seen. Our family lived in Egypt for years together, then I went to USA, with the intent of visiting. I have never seen my Marwan since and we wonder daily, My daughter lives thru pics,internet and phone calls from my husband. The situation in Egypt has made it impossible for us to go to Egypt again and the Gaza situation lately, makes it impossible for us to reunite. Please post anything you have of Bureij for my daughter .

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