The Amal Project scholarship for Palestinians just announced

Earlier this year, we reported on the recent activities of The Amal Project, a little Chicago-based initiative making big moves. Today, The Amal Project launched its website and its new call-out for a community-funded scholarship.

The Amal Project was founded in February with the purpose of helping to empower Palestinian youth. The goal was to raise money for one scholarship award to be donated, as a surprise, of course, to a student who had inspired the coordinators of The Amal Project. But the diligence and urgency and concern that the community displayed in building the scholarship fund told The Amal Project’s coordinators that our communities are ready to invest in the youth. What began as an attempt to empower one youth quickly became a sustained project meant to inspire and empower all youth.

That’s the hope, at least — the amal, if you will.

Now that The Amal Project has chosen to work hard to make this an annual campaign, it has released an application for this year’s academic scholarship. The application can be found here. Or, you can copy and paste the following link:

The application will remain open until 11:59 PM CST on August 25, 2013. The winner of the scholarship will receive the award later in the month.

If you are a Palestinian student who is socially conscious, who is disadvantaged, or who has a story to tell, The Amal Project encourages you to apply.

Because The Amal Project is still a new initiative with very little of a foothold just yet, the scholarship will remain local. Because of travel costs and other necessary expenses that The Amal Project cannot afford, the scholarship will need to be presented in Chicago where the initiative is based.

Nevertheless, you can be a part of the effort no matter where you are by spreading the application to students who might be interested, donating to the Scholarship Fund, eventually donating to The Amal Project’s expense drive, or setting up an initiative that serves underserved communities or disadvantaged youth. After all, making education more accessible is a global task.


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