Photo of the Week: A portrait of Mahmoud Darwish

Photo credit: Vincenzo Pisani
Date taken: April 2011
Location: Abu Dis, West Bank, Palestine

A portrait of the great Palestinian poet Mahmoud Darwish sticks to the face of Israel’s Separation Wall cutting through the Palestinian town of Abu Dis near Jerusalem.

Mahmoud Darwish, widely regarded as the greatest Palestinian poet to ever live, produced tremendous works of literature that illustrate the Palestinian identity and the deep commitment to the watan, or homeland, associated with it. Though he dealt with matters of political concern, his work served more of a personal purpose. For so many Palestinians, the themes present in Darwish’s eloquent works challenged them to define themselves according to their own terms and their own experiences. Darwish’s poetry is commonly cited as a cultural legacy, a literary icon, and a symbol of resistance that proudly left its mark in the literary world.

Mahmoud Darwish died on this day in 2008.


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