U.S. State Department hosts Poorly Executed And Expectedly Awkward Muslim-Oriented Thing Designed To Tranquilize Palestinians Under Illusion Of Friendliness Before Stealing More Of Their Land Dinner

Because every failed peace attempt requires a failed conversation over food, the State Department decided to host an Iftar for Israeli and Palestinian negotiating teams on Monday. U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry, recently chosen to head the peace talks and the very same John Kerry who managed to lose to George W. Bush in the 2004 Presidential election, clearly can’t contain his glee at the level of progress he thinks his campaign to solve the Middle East has shown. A few more of these and the world will be a better place.

Oddly enough, Israel’s flag takes center stage. Although the Iftar was held in the U.S. inside of a government building and although the U.S. is playing the role of the middleman between the two negotiating teams, it appears that Israel’s white and blues are the priority of this joyous occasion.  In fact, it stands out so obnoxiously that it’s tempting to wonder whether Photoshop played any role in the development of the image.

If you assumed Kerry and his staffers would be tactful or mindful of such obvious PR gaffes, or if you really felt for a second that the Iftar was just a friendly gesture to feed some hungry Mohammedans, or, more pertinently, if you think these peace talks are going anywhere, you’re wrong.


There are 4 comments

    1. Revolutionary Tears

      A happy peace after one dinner? It sounds like a painfully awkward, but that’s what they get for sitting with oppressors. It’s like going to those parties where the main goal of everyone else is to rub something in your face.

  1. Austin Williams

    If your perspective involves deriding every non-Palestinian actor involved in the peace process and still expecting a positive outcome for the people of Palestine, you’re wrong. It’s that stubborn refusal to reach across the aisle or to bite your tongue that gets our movement labeled as anti-Semitic and vitriolic, when instead we should be working together to reach an equitable solution for all of those whose lives are impacted by the diplomatic paralysis.

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