Pro-Israel student groups really plan to outdo themselves this time

Nothing spells “Israel” and “cultural appropriation” as good as a camel roaming the quads in celebration of Israel Appreciation Day.

The brilliant folks over at Highlanders for Israel as well as the Hillel chapter of the University of California – Riverside thought it would be a cool idea to bring to campus not just any old camel but a “LIVE CAMEL” for a rare “CAMEL OPPORTUNITY”, the first of its kind at this university.

According to the Facebook event page description, “it isn’t a real Israeli experience if you don’t ride a camel”.

A thorough search of declassified documents and archived testimonials reveals that exactly zero Israeli soldiers and paramilitary groups rode camels on their way to evict Palestinians from their homes in the late 1940s. The search also reveals that a grand total of zero Israeli soldiers launched air strikes in missile-equipped camels, that the same number of Israelis used camels in building the wall cutting through the West Bank, and that a whopping zero camels currently operate each of Israel’s checkpoints and border crossings.

The event, set to take place on April 25, will also feature Israel’s latest in creative cuisine. The famed zero-star Extreme Pita will unveil its “chicken pita sandwiches”, a wonderful and culturally relevant sandwich stuffed with a blend of fine chicken and pita. The “falafel pita sandwiches”, similar to the authentic chicken pita sandwiches, can be purchased with a side of hummus made with chickpeas planted over six decades ago by a farmer who is just so unnecessarily unappreciative of Israel adopting his culture for good.

The event organizers also thought it would be a cool idea to advertise the event with a photograph of a camel in the foreground of the Dome of the Rock. Maybe next year they will bring an authentic LIVE DOME OF THE ROCK for a rare DOME OF THE ROCK OPPORTUNITY to help teach students about Israeli culture.

This is probably the best time to mention that one of the event organizers works with StandWithUs.

The event page was once public but is now private. A full screenshot can be found below.

Camel Event - UCR - Fil


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  1. Joyce Rahbani

    Hummus and Falafel are Israeli foods now…lol yea ok! The picture of the camel overlooking the dome was done without taste and sensitivity. It is that kind of attitude from them that won’t allow for peace in that region. They actually killed the last chance of peace…Yitzhak Rabin.

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