Leaked footage of one dabke troupe’s newest moves

Classified footage of Milwaukee’s very own Sanabel Al-Quds dabke troupe practicing a new dabke routine went public yesterday. The footage shows a troupe member identified as Alla by inside sources performing a series of ‘jigs’ before rejoining the line.

The leaked footage confirms suspicion that Sanabel Al-Quds is willing to take dabke “to the next level,” one fan says.

The spokesperson for Sanabel Al-Quds could not be reached for comment.

But Chicago dabke crews are not convinced. According to a member of one troupe who asked to remain anonymous, the Milwaukee squad “has a long way to go” and needs “more than just one new move” to claim dominance of the dabke scene in the United States.

Dabke is a folk dance popular in Palestine and throughout the Levant. It is typically performed during celebratory occasions.


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