To Rachel

Guest contribution by Anthony Betori

Editor’s note: Exactly ten years ago, 23-year-old Rachel Corrie was crushed to death by an Israeli military armored bulldozer in the occupied Gaza Strip as she tried to prevent the demolition of a Palestinian family’s home. Nobody has been held accountable for her death.

Rachel Corrie

Rachel, thank you but I am so sorry
I am so sorry that you are not here
that you were killed by

Rachel, I am lonelier because
You are not here
and this fight is one soul weaker
one soul lesser

But Rachel, mostly I am thinking
about what you were thinking
as that bulldozer took
away from us

Rachel, I am wondering
what it was that you thought
as hope ended
as justice died

Rachel, I remember you
we all remember you
every black man in a prison
every Mexican immigrant seeking work
every queer kid bullied
every soldier indoctrinated
every poor kid hungry
every woman raped
every person waiting for tomorrow
We remember you today

10 years is too many and
eternity hears you calling
calling for Peace
and love love love
on your bullhorn
in your orange vest
We remember you today

10 years and
We remember you today, Rachel
We will not forget
I am so sorry

There is a world where Israel is not a terrorist state
where the USA buys no bombs
you are alive and you hold the hands of your
brothers and sisters and together we cry
we cry

There is a world where you are with us and it is in my heart
and the hearts of all those who wait
and the hearts of all those who will.

Anthony Betori

Anthony Betori is an English major and Art History minor at Loyola University Chicago.


There is one comment

  1. ontogram

    Let’s not let Israel off the hook. Let’s just keep remembering Rachel and what she was about. At every opportunity, we should remind the world.

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