Photo of the Week: The diverse faces of resistance

Rami Maalouf 1997

Photo credit: Rami Maalouf
Date taken: 1997
Location: Palestine

A Palestinian woman challenges Israeli soldiers ordering men to raise their arms or face arrest. The photograph suggests that the woman is demanding the soldiers produce proper identification or documentation of the security pat down.

Hers is one of the many faces of resistance. One of the worst misconceptions about resistance to the occupation is that it is male-led or that women played a secondary role in the struggle for their social, political, civil, and human rights. Comprehensive accounts of just some of the actions women have organized or led highlight their important roles in developing the movement for Palestinian liberation.

We also make the mistake of portraying resistance as a mass protest or a physical, active confrontation. But resistance also happens at home, where parents, mothers and fathers, manage households and nurture the next generation of Palestinian resistance. This is never to be discounted.


There are 2 comments

  1. mordechai

    Just so everyone knows im from the settlements and those are palestinian soldiers. I.cant believe people are uneducated enough to believe this crap. The helmets arent israeli issue helmets and the gun looks like a kalashnikov aka a.palestinian used gun… get your facts straight…

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