Avi knows best

What. This was his actual response.

Apparently Jewish Agency official Avi Mayer knows best. Dispossessed Palestinians should be relieved that they don’t have to face traffic jams. Palestinians not allowed to drive on Jewish-only or settler-only roads (which Mayer doesn’t believe exist) are lucky they get to use roads leading through — or stopping at — personally invasive security checks and military checkpoints. Thank you for saving us, colonists.

I’m not allowed into the West Bank. Neither is Nour, a Palestinian-American schoolteacher who teaches English to students in Ramallah. Wedad and millions of other Palestinians are also kept out. But hey, they “aren’t missing out on much,” thank God.


There is one comment

  1. Look at me, Im successfull, and your not

    Oh how the entitled will fall, flat on their pretty smirk faces. Its odd that a civilization that supposedly dates back to before Christ can adopt the quirky, cute, and immature responses to get through an un-comfortable discussion. Their shallow and unfeeling nature is a mask they hide behind to hide their real feelings of superiority over a race of people they feel are decades behind. Its a shame really, that they think they have the right to persecute and then smile when their dependency of foreingers is as limited as their mentality..

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