Walkout: ‘U of Chicago should not sanction drone warfare’

Three University of Chicago departments teamed up with the Jewish United Fund to bring a former Israeli military officer to campus to define the criteria necessary to make drone warfare and targeted killings more ‘moral’. Protestors demonstrated outside and students walked out in the middle of the event.

Amos Guiora, Professor of Law at the University of Utah and 19-year veteran who advised Israeli assaults on the Gaza Strip, spoke today about how targeted killings can and should be legitimized. Guiora made the point that he approached the issue of drone warfare from an academic point of view as well as from the perspective of his long career in the Israeli military fighting “for peace”. This is when some audience members chuckled. At the front row, a dozen students and community members turned their chairs the other way and faced the audience, commenting briefly on the absurdity of his statements.

Guiora continued his speech but after alleging that Israel had historically committed itself to peace, the dozen demonstrators walked out while reminding the remaining audience of Israel’s previous commitments, including its invasion of Gaza last November, its invasion of Gaza in 2008-2009, and its occupation of Palestine for six and a half decades.

Guiora, who expresses concern with the Department of Justice’s current policy, argues that the U.S. should follow Israel’s model of drone warfare, the one implemented regularly against Palestinians, Lebanese, and Syrians and the one, he believes, has basis in humanitarian law.

Maryam Monalisa Gharavi at The New Inquiry does a good job of revealing more of Guiora’s shady role in Israel’s recent PR campaigns to whitewash or mask its injust policies and targeted killing strategies.

Guiora’s lecture comes just three days before two Israeli soldiers visit the University of Chicago to speak about their roles invading Gaza and Lebanon in an event sponsored by anti-Palestinian group StandWithUs. The University of Chicago invited Israeli Ambassador Michael Oren to campus last year to justify a strike on Iran and to push for increased settlement building. And in 2009, the University of Chicago invited former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert to speak about leadership just months after authorizing an assault on Gaza that left over 1,400 Palestinian civilians dead.

The University of Chicago should not sanction drone warfare or any other policies that encourage or supplement the systematic abuse of any people.


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  1. Jeff Dahn

    “Fighting for peace” is like fucking for virginity.
    Why should a former member of the IDF have any credibility regarding Palestine.
    More importantly, we(the USA) don’t need Israel to dictate our policy and strategy.

  2. candy covered turd, on a stick

    The continent of the U.S. has been slowly modified to resemble life in the occupied Palestinian territories, at the behest of those who sell the equipment, and those who are paid to sell the principle of governmental oversight. The surveillance equipment was a start, followed by a well armed military police capable of “securing” entire neighborhoods. Many have suffered, and some have died from the heavy hand of the law. Training of course is done by Israeli special forces that push the issue that Americans should be treated as insurgents, or Palestinian citizens, (the difference in their mind is negligible).
    Now the drones. Lately those who own a.m. radio stations would like us to get very upset at new gun regulations specifically designed to insure accurate registrations and limit the more dangerous weapons for military use only. Good legislation in my opinion. But the a.m. radio says different. They want us to think police state. They want people to jump off the edge. No one is taking the bait. Its a.m. radio paranoia, for entertainment purposes only.
    When the U.S., like Israel, cannot afford the luxury of watching, and intimidating, they will either send us all to the poor house and stop the funding of the police state, or someone in power will just cut the funds, and send more money to those who deserve it; us. Let the trials begin.

  3. Gerson

    The Jews have lived under Arab tyranny for 1400 years. They were not treated as equals, but dhimmis (if you even know what that means). The most ethically intolerant regimes in the world now are the Arab states. Why do we need yet another failed Arab state that treats its people like crap. You talk about police states – how about Saudi Arabia, Syria, Iran, Yemen. If you are a Jew, you will die if you enter certain areas of the PA. If you are an Arab from the PA and you enter Israel, you do not fear for your life. What other country treats its enemies in its hospitals. You are all in denial that you are Jew hating hypocrites. But I could give a crap what you think of us.

    A proud Jew, Zionist, and Former IDF soldier

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