Photo from Gaza wins 2013 World Press Photo Contest

The winners of the 2013 World Press Photo Contest were announced on February 15. An international jury of established photojournalists selected Swedish photographer Paul Hansen’s photograph from Gaza to bear the title Photo of the Year 2012.

The photograph shows a group of men rallying in Gaza City carry the bodies of two children killed during Israel’s invasion of the Gaza Strip last November. On the left is three-year-old Muhammad Hijazi and on the right is his younger brother, two-year-old Suhaib. The two were killed after an Israeli missile tore through their home.

Their father Fouad was also killed in the Israeli air strike. Fouad’s brothers are the men carrying his children to a local mosque for the funeral and burial.

The mother of the two boys was also in the house at the time of the strike. She survived but underwent extensive treatment in an intensive care unit.

Among the other winners were Palestinian photographer Adel Hana for his image of motorcyclists dragging the body of a suspected collaborator through the street, and Bernat Armangue of Spain for his 11-photograph set chronicling Israel’s latest invasion of Gaza.


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