And so what if this isn’t Iran

The Times of Israel posted three videos of the current Harlem Shake dance craze going viral on YouTube. The first is of the Israeli army’s Artillery Corps. Just under that is a video from Ben Gurion University students performing the same dance routine.

But the third video is has nothing to do with Israel and is, instead, captioned, “Despite the title, this is not the Iranian army”. Although the video itself is titled “Harlem shake Iran Army” it appears to be Norwegian in origin. At about the 20th second mark, a soldier goofily falls out of a window while waving the flag of Norway.

This is nothing more than a petty dig at Iran, and considering how The Times of Israel claims itself to be “fair, fresh and fast”, I can’t help but to wonder what exactly was the point of the article. To humanize the Israeli military, whose soldiers post disturbing images of aiming guns at children’s heads online? Or to dehumanize Iran for the sake of pushing anti-Iran sentiment and instigate further tension?

On the matter of dehumanization, a quick search of the term on The Times of Israel ironically produces an article titled “Hypocrisy at its best” and others that complain about the dehumanization of Israel. It appears that the best way to counter this alleged dehumanization isn’t to, I don’t know, end the occupation but actually to dehumanize someone else.


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  1. Tim

    Nice article. It appears to me that the Palestinian invaders would like to be viewed as equal in stature, power, and authority as the Iranians. This feeble attempt is yet another shallow, immature and incredibly selfish work to mask the trauma they inflict on Palestine. Stupid kids and their stupid videos. Eye candy for those with a two second attention span. Most eyes are on the large missile silos around Palestine, the walls they envelope, the remaining Palestinian settlements under siege, the refugee camps, and the growing video streams and articles highlighting Israeli war crimes made available by this site, and many others. Lets not forget the invasion of Syria, Libya, Somalia, Yemen, and all those Sovereign nations the Satanists devoured to achieve their artificial Armageddon. Can I have that end of the world package super sized please? Heavy on the artillery if you don’t mind.

  2. Brian Mayer

    Dude, how is this a dig at Iran? It’s a specific disclaimer that the video *isn’t* from Iran, because the video says it is. I would be way more offended at the Israeli soldiers getting jiggy with it in full camouflage as just plain bad taste, but your umbrage here at this apparent “slight” is completely overblown.

    1. Sami Kishawi

      What’s the point of including it in the first place? This is a post on Israelis doing the dance. The video, improperly labeled as one from Iran, still has nothing to do with Israel. Why not include any other random video? There are hundreds to choose from. Why does a disclaimer need to be made in this article specifically? Why go above and beyond to make that disclaimer? Either it’s a dig or a distasteful coincidence.

      1. Tim

        The video could have been from any source, made by any one and posted on YouTube. The simple relabeling of the video to incorporate Iran in it may be an attempt to tie both Iran and Israel together. Its sounds really strange, but any attempt to cross the two is paramount in even the most ridiculous circumstances.

      2. bmmayer1

        Guys, I’m sorry. I’m far from an apologist for Israel but this looks like some dude Googled Harlem Shake and put the first three videos he found up. The article is too lazy to care about linking Iran and Israel, and the person who titled the video has nothing to do with the author of the article. You should really find something else worth your efforts…

  3. Tim

    You probably right, the source of the videos leads in that direction, but its odd that an Israeli media outlet would post the videos together. Since I don’t subscribe to it, I cant tell if the magazine is like a National Inquirer, or a Time magazine format, so Ill have to guess its tabloid.

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