Guest contribution by Tasneem Odeh

Ripples through me
Evoking transcending tears.
Decline the right to pass or
Face the evil guns swinging in my
Little sister’s face filled with fear.
It’s in her name, Jenin
Represents the baby-graves.
It’s in my blood,
Like acid through my veins.
It’s in the zephyr against my cheek
Drying out my racing tears
As another’s falls upon debris
That was once their home
Never again to be seen.
Will always be there
Crushing my bones,
Chafing my throat,
Only a taste of what
They’ve overcome.
My mind will never
Be the same
As when I was birthed
In Perth Amboy, NJ
Away from destruction,
Oppression, and morbid distortion.
Virgin eyes never did see
The bleeding eyes of the
Ashen faced child.
Virgin ears never did hear
The weeping baby
Clutching her dead mother,
As I clung to my mother
Safe and sound.
Why do I slumber peacefully
As others face
Humiliation every day, on their way.
Checkpoints, artillery, and malicious faces
What a life that would be.
Is like a shadow
That follows me everywhere.

Tasneem Odeh

Tasneem Odeh is an American-born Palestinian who grew up in Kuwait as the eldest of six. She graduated from the College of Engineering at the University of Illinois at Chicago. Her passion is writing and would one day like to share her experiences as a ‘third culture kid’ with the rest of the world.


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