Footage of severe flooding and snow in the West Bank

Severe weather conditions brought heavy rains and flash flooding to much of the Levant region. Near the West Bank city of Nablus, the floodwaters reportedly claimed the lives of two Palestinian women and a taxi driver after their vehicle was swept away. Fortunately, the three individuals were found and returned safely with little to no injuries.

Heavy rainfall also brought floods to large parts of Qalqilya. Israel’s barrier wall, which completely wraps around the West Bank city, prevented the water from draining. Homes and agricultural plots of land were submerged in muddy water. The failed drainage system can only be controlled from the Israeli side of the wall, reports Ma’an News, thereby leaving the residents unprotected from the water build-up.

In Gaza, preparations are being made to evacuate dozens of people affected by power outtages as a result of the stormy weather.

The footage above comes from Qarawat Bani Zeid just northwest of Ramallah. It shows floodwaters quickly sweeping through the streets. One car is shown getting stuck in the submerged street and a soccer field looks more like a swimming pool.

The poor weather conditions also brought snow to parts of the West Bank. The photograph below by Alaa Milbes is a morning shot of Ramallah.


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