Heme synthesis pathway for Palestine-loving nerds

Hey, what do you know. It’s finals week and our biochemistry professor (who, aside from being one of the greatest professors I’ve ever had, is also known for surviving a Soviet labor camp after being arrested and imprisoned for espionage while traveling) included this heme synthesis pathway in the package of things we should expect to be tested on:

Heme Synth

Knowing full well that my mind just won’t process this material, I ran it through Photoshop and did this with it:

Heme Synth FlagC

I doubt this will help but at least now it’s easier to look at. I suggest giving your work this kind of color treatment if it’s giving you a hard time.

Anyway, for anyone interested in the catalytic enzymes involved in this synthesis, the professor kindly shared with us a list. For your enjoyment, uncolored and all:

Heme Synth Cat-Enzymes


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