Israeli military gives Gazans a coupon to save their own lives

The Israeli military’s horrendous PR staff put out this equally horrendous image of an announcement that, to be completely frank, reads more like a coupon. “Important lifesaver discount for the residents of the Gaza Strip” is basically what it says.

The coupon-notice tells Gazans to move away from anything Hamas-related if they’re interested in living for another day. But what happens if someone misses the coupon, if someone doesn’t move away fast enough, or if someone just decides that being a civilian should be enough to protect him or her from Israel’s haphazard bombing? Oh well. A great deal is missed and they will pay with their lives.

The announcement even has a details section that tells when and where this coupon is valid.

This is just one component of a greater social media campaign that Israel has attached to its invasion of Gaza, hoping, it seems, that it’ll counter the criticism it is bound to receive for its indiscriminate targeting of Gazan civilians.

For a brief timeline on Israel’s escalation since early November, visit this page. At the time that I am writing this, news has just been confirmed of a series of explosions in Beit Hanoun that left three Palestinian children dead, aged 9, 14, and 16 years old.

There are 3 comments

  1. ontogram

    Unbelievable! This is the lie that we (Israel) are not after you but your leaders, who have led you astray. It does not provide shelter from Israeli death rays, it merely looks face-saving for foreign consumption. The Israeli government has now sunk to a new low, an almost impossibly low standard of decency and humanity, roughly equivalent to Nazi behavior! Despicable.

  2. Andy Hay

    since you wrote it a 3 year old girl burnt to death, her fault I guess for not being able to read and a baby less than a year old was also killed.

    it would be more humane if they just put a gun to the 3 year old girl head and shot her, would have been less painful and more honest.

  3. Noelle Clearwater

    Thank you Sami. I didn’t know that they had done this social media blitz beforehand. It actually worsens my already confirmed view of their war criminal status at this point. This is more of a scare tactic than a warning and people would never be able to avoid an aerial bombing campaign at the level they have taken it. In addition, government buildings have been destroyed not even affiliated with Hamas. I am so ashamed to be an American in any way connected with supporting the military of this rogue, state of war criminals. My heart is with you and I hope that your family over there remains safe.

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