The goat that wore no clothes

Here’s a short and cute Eid story for you. I’m related to a little diva from Gaza City who gets very excited at the idea of doing grownup things, like choosing an outfit or staying up late or out-dazzling other adults, her parents and grandparents included.

On the eve of Eid Al-Adha, she brought out her fanciest dress and socks and matching shoes and laid them out on the living room couch. Tomorrow, she thought, she would be the best dressed kindergartner in the city.

Out of the window, she spotted the neighbor’s newly purchased goat. She knew what was going to happen to it tomorrow but that didn’t faze her. For Muslims who have the means to do it, a goat is sacrificed and its meat distributed to the disadvantaged.

What did grab her attention, though, was the goat’s bare body. “It’s nice and all but the goat doesn’t even have any underwear on!” she told her mother, scoffing at the goat down below.

“That’s because it’s going to celebrate Eid in your clothes tomorrow,” her mother teased.

That didn’t resonate too well with the girl. The goat is going to celebrate? And it’s going to do it in her dress? She spent the evening monitoring her clothes with teary eyes, hoping with all her might that the goat wouldn’t make its way up the steps and into the room where it could snatch away the outfit she laid out for herself.

She slept late and woke up early, returning immediately to the living room to make sure the goat hadn’t made its way upstairs. Her clothes were still there and she heaved a sigh of relief. She had outsmarted the goat that wore no clothes. To her, this was an excellent way to start off her Eid celebration. To the rest of us, well, this made for a funny story.


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