Debate Tweets 2012: You’d think Israel didn’t have a friend in the United States

Twitter’s latest crop of political pundits and Middle East experts took the internet by storm during the final Presidential debate of 2012. The “Foreign Policy Debate,” as it was largely mischaracterized, was essentially a boast fest with both Presidential candidates vying over who has and who will give more of their shoulder for Israel to rest its head on.

But even amidst such absolutist pro-Israel fervor, our experts have fallen under the illusion that Israel does not have a friend in the United States. It’s as if the billions of U.S. tax dollars handed to Israel’s military is not support enough. Or the exclusive Israel-customized F-35 fighter jets Obama sold at a bargain to Israel just after repurposing over $55 million on “resettlement” projects to help Jews move to Israel — that is what being a bad friend and an even worse ally is all about, ladies and gentlemen.

So here’s what they had to say.

Basically, the U.S. turned on Israel and now we must depend on Romney to make that right again, is what they’re saying.



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  1. Sam Holloway

    Last night my daughter watched a DVD until just after her bedtime, and then got upset that she couldn’t have time on the computer, as well. So Zionism is a mass-murdering, land-stealing six-year-old.

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