Graphic ‘map’ reveals wealth and economic disparities between Israel and Israel-occupied Palestine

Take a look at this graphic image to get a very real idea of how Israel’s occupation drastically affects Palestinian livelihood.

Every few years, Gapminder releases an updated ‘map’ of the wealth and health of nations and non-UN members, as in the case of Palestine. It’s worthwhile to compare Israel’s economic and health status with the status of the Palestinian territories under its occupation.

Because the data considers Israel and Palestine along 1967 borders, this map presents a very stark reality. Quite literally, a person on the other side of the border (or, more appropriately, on the other side of a checkpoint) has better access to lifesaving medical treatment and an even greater chance of economic prosperity.

Some points of interest:

  • The mapped income per person in Palestine is just under $2,800 in US Dollars. The mapped income per person in Israel is over $26,000 in US Dollars. Note: These values represent adjusted GDP per capita. As the Associated Press has reported in the past, Palestine’s GDP per capita was $1,500 while Israel’s GDP per capita stood at $31,000 in 2011.
  • The world’s average income per person is at $11,000 in US Dollars. Palestine’s is significantly less; Israel’s is significantly higher.
  • The mapped life expectancy in Palestine is just under 75 years. The mapped life expectant in Israel stands at about 83 years.
  • Palestine’s wealth and health, according to this visual representation, is significantly lower than the statuses of all other reported non-UN members, including Kosovo and Taiwan.

Download the map here.


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