Can you spot the Palestinian flag in ESPN’s College GameDay coverage of OSU at MSU?

In a classic showdown between Big Ten rivals Ohio State University and Michigan State University, a fan brought a Palestinian flag that found its way behind ESPN’s commentators and in at least one camera’s line of sight.

You know, nationalism can be an icky thing. I’m sure we all have friends who despise the very concept of ~~ * : : F L A G : : * ~~ and the old glory it inspires. But with the Palestinian flag comes a game and a little reminder. Spot me if you can, it taunts. And spot it you will, because the person holding it will make sure it’s perfectly visible. Yeah, we’re still around, it says, and no, we aren’t going anywhere. In fact, we’re everywhere. Even on your television screen on the one day of the week you choose to sit back and watch two legendary teams go at it. The occupation doesn’t pause for you.

Photobombing done right, if you ask me. So can you spot it?


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