Recap: Palestine’s Bahaa Al Farra sprints the 400m at the Olympics

Palestine’s Bahaa Al Farra ran in Heat 2 of the Men’s 400m sprint on August 4. He came in last in his heat and 46th overall out of 47 sprinters. Al Farra ran the quarter-mile sprint in 0:49.93, his season best, but he did not qualify for the next round.

Al Farra appeared to pace himself well in the first 200 meters though it is hard to judge in such a short race. His start off the blocks was well-timed but he was quickly outpaced by the remainder of the field of runners. He trailed the entire duration of the race and finished 4.70 seconds behind the heat winner.

Al Farra, who is only 21 years old, is expected to continue to represent Palestine on an international level if he is allowed to travel abroad from his native Gaza Strip.

Below are screenshots of the event footage. For a full replay of the event, click here and begin watching at 0:40:51.

Bahaa Al Farra runs in Lane 2.

Al Farra, in the top right corner, mentally prepares for his sprint.

Al Farra, all the way to the left, can be seen in his starting stance just 0.2 seconds after the start of the race.

The sprinters coming out of the first turn. Al Farra is farthest to the right.

As the sprinters approach the final turn, Al Farra can be spotted trailing by a considerable margin.

A closer view of Al Farra as he nears the end of the final turn.

Al Farra, in the top left corner, trying to minimize the separation between himself and the rest of the sprinters.

Al Farra just as he crosses the finish line.

The cameraman turns and finds Al Farra in the frame.

The final results show Al Farra finishing in just over four seconds behind the last person to qualify for the next round of racing.

For more information on Bahaa Al Farra, visit his London Olympics 2012 biography page. For a schedule of all the events in which Palestinian athletes are competing, click here.

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