Recap: Palestine’s Sabine Hazboun swims the 50m Free at the Olympics

Palestine’s Sabine Hazboun swam in Heat 4 of the Women’s 50m Freestyle this Friday. She placed 5th in her heat and 51st overall in a field of seventy-four swimmers. She finished the race in 0:28.28, just three seconds shy of qualifying for the semifinal round.

Hazboun, in Lane 6, started off strong from the blocks to earn her an early advantage. She remained in contention for the lead as she and four other swimmers separated themselves from the rest. At about the 40m mark, fatigue kicked in and Hazboun fell to 5th place, just 0.03 seconds behind the 4th place swimmer and 0.54 seconds behind the heat winner.

Hazboun did not advance to the semifinal round but it was a tremendously impressive showing nonetheless for someone so inexperienced in international competition. She is only 18 years old and with four more years of training, she is expected to perform at a much stronger level at the next Olympic Games.

Below are screenshots of the event footage. For a full replay of the event, click here and begin watching at 0:10:35.

Sabine Hazboun faces off in Heat 4 of the Women’s 50m Freestyle.

Hazboun steps toward the starting block, her name on the scoreboard to the right.

Hazboun races in Lane 6.

Hazboun is the third white swim cap from the right. 

Hazboun, in Lane 6 just to the left of the yellow swimming lane floats, shows a dominant performance in the first third of the race. In this specific frame, she appears to be in 1st or 2nd place.

Another angle shows Hazboun in the top three more than two-thirds of the way into the race.

Hazboun’s hand, immediately beneath the yellow swim cap, just moments before she touches the wall.

Hazboun hangs onto the wall as the unofficial results are announced immediately following the race.

Hazboun finishes in 5th place with a time of 28.28 seconds.

For more information on Sabine Hazboun, visit her London Olympics 2012 biography page. For a schedule of all the events in which Palestinian athletes are competing, click here.


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